KL Family Trip 1

We went to KL on last Sat, we supposed to come back on Tuesday. However, due to the very heavy rain pour on Monday, we had to postpone the Sunway Lagoon trip to Wednesday, as Tuesday was the Sunway Lagoon weekly shut down day. So, we extended another day in KL, and that altogether made up to 5D4N.

I was wondering how should I blog about this KL Family trip, as I had so many photos to share. I think I will blog about what I shopped, what I ate and what I did there separately.
Saturday morning, we skipped the breakfast and thought of going to Ipoh for the Foo San Dim Sum. Too bad that, it wasn't opened. we had to change the plan to eat noodles after that.
Little May cried as the jie jie scolded her for sitting on her 1st class seat (the middle place at the back). I quickly switched to sit at the back with little May, and let April sit in front.
Little May was finally OK, after hugging and patting by mommy.
April and May were happily bringing her Mickey pillow along to KL.
Little May was still a little bit moody, but she was fine after taking a nap in the car.Checked in into Hotel Pyramid Tower.
I let the children bath in the tub to wash away the exhaustion after the 3.5 hours travel.
Everyone got ready to go for dining and shopping at Sunway Pyramid.
After having our first dinner at KL. We met with 2 clowns at the shopping mall. The girls were so happy with their balloons.
To be continued....

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  1. wow, so many days in KL. must be enjoyable. can't wait to read more. we were at sunway pyramid on sunday and saw the clown. Ashley quickly run for cover cos she's so scared of the clown :(