KL Family Trip 3

3rd day and also Monday, we supposed to go to have the water fun in the Sunway Lagoon, but it was raining since the time we woke up from bed. The rain never seems to stop at all, and it got heavier and heavier.
We decided to have early lunch at Canton Bay while waiting for the rain to stop.
April and May, including my hubb were so grumpy as they were really disappointed for not being able to go into the Sunway Lagoon. In fact, Sunway Lagoon was the reason for us to be here in KL.
I were trying to tease May to make her laugh a bit.
but, she was still very upset.
After returning to hotel, they still checked on the rain from the windows at the corridor. The rain kept pouring down as if the sky was having gigantic hole. We had no choice, but to postpone the trip to theme park on Wednesday, as the theme park is closed on every Tuesday.
We had a nap in the room, though everyone was so disappointed T___T. Hubb suggested to bring the children to Toy R Us again in the evening, this time we went to Subang Parade.
Having dinner at Esquire Kitchen, upon reaching Subang Parade.
We promised the children that we definitely could make it to the theme park on Wednesday. They were cheered up a little bit,
so as the parents.
To be continued...


  1. oh no..poor thing. it has been raining everyday for the past week and it rained the whole in the middle of the week...probably it's the day that you all planned to go to the theme park :)

  2. mommy to chumsy, yes, it should the day, raining from morning till night.