KL Family Trip 4

4th Day and also Tuesday, we still wandered around Sunway Pyramid only. Hubb disliked driving in KL town, due to the heavy traffic and unfamiliar roads. That's why we didn't dare to go further than the place we stayed. However, we found Sunway Pyramid is quite well-organised and well-maintained shopping mall, which fully occupied by most of the popular shop lots and restaurants. We woke up quite late towards the noon. After having lunch at Kim Gary, we shopped around aimlessly. Then, we found a tattoo shop. The girls chose their own tattoo designs and the guy sprayed it on their hands.
April chose the butterfly and May chose the duckling.
Yesterday, they still reminded their babysitter for not washing their hands too hard, they worried that their tattoos would get fade off soon.
We spent longer time in the book shops like MPH and Popular, the girls got to choose their own books, as we didn't buy toys for them from the previous visits to Toy R Us. I also bought a few clothes in the mall for the girls and also myself.
We went to Tony Roma's for dinner. After the dinner, we went back to hotel to rest earlier. We wanted the girls to catch more sleep, as on the next day, we needed to go to Sunway Lagoon and also travelled back home. It would be an exciting and tiring day.
To be continued...

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