KL Family Trip 5

5th day and also Wednesday, we went to the Sunway Lagoon before we bid farewell to KL.
Check out from the hotel and have the breakfast at Zhia's Kitchen. We kept motivated the girls to eat more, as later they might use up all their energy in the theme park.
We didn't carry the camera with us, as both hubb and myself planed to get wet together with the kids. This was the only photo that we took there by the theme park photographer. The girls had too much fun there, they were so excited and thrilled by the slides, the float, the wave, the water and the sand. We wanted to stay until evening, but again, the rain started to pour at about 2pm. We decided to change and left earlier. Besides, I couldn't bare to see May shivering non-stop after spending about 3 hours in the water.
We left the theme park and went for lunch at Canton-I.
We bought 2 cute animal mugs for April and May. April took the giraffe mug in green and May took the elephant mug in indigo.
Since, this would be the last meal for this trip, I ordered quite a number of food and desert. No wonder I felt my skirt is a bit tight now. T___T.
I will talk about the food and the shopping in the next 2 blogs. Please remember to check it up.


  1. aaahh...at last..got to enjoy the theme park. what a nice and fruitful trip eh?

  2. It must be very fun, whole family get wet! I am also looking forward for my family holiday trip, but gotta wait til Little Kaitlyn at least 18 mths old, few more months to go only! :)

  3. mommy to chumsy,yes, finally we did.

    Joanne, soon it will be your turn to enjoy too when your children have grown up.