KL Restaurant Food 3

Day 4 - Lunch
I learned and heard about Kim Gary from the press and it becuase of Bosco Wong Zhong Chak is the spokeman. When we first past by the Hotel Pyramid Tower on the day we arrived, I already saw Kim Gary and Zhia's Kitchen locating just next to the hotel. So, this day we went to Kim Gary for lunch.
Set lunch at Kim Gary is RM11.90 or RM12.90 per set. The set included a main course, be it rice or noodle, soup and drink. Worth right? The restaurant was really crowded, especially during the lunch hour, but the service was very efficient.
I like spicy, so I opted for the spicy noodles soup set.
The two rice sets were shared by hubb and the kids.
April liked the cream soup.
We ordered 3 sets of lunch and cost only RM42.20.
Day 4 - Dinner
When we walked around all the restaurants at Sunway Pyramid, trying to find a dining place which we hadn't tried this round. We saw a poster outside Tony Roma's, it stated "Kids eat free with any adult entree ordered. Eat-in only. Limited to 2 children for one family. Valid only from Monday to Wednesday". I was so happy to see that, and we entered without any hesitation anymore.
The ice lemon tea and other soft drinks could be refilled once finished.
The kids appetizer was some celery and carrot sticks to dip in the salad cream. This appetizer became my appetizer as my children were more interested in the french bread with cheese.
This beef ribs with fries was in fact the most expensive kid set, which worth RM25 per set and now it was free for the kids. Hubb ordered this beef ribs kid set, not for the kid but himself. This was recommended by the waitress. This waitress was kind enough to highlight that the beef ribs cost about RM40 in the adult menu, and we could save it by ordering something else.
This pasta with turkey ham was also one of the free kid sets, this was shared by the girls, and the portion was big enough for two of them.
As for the adult main courses, we ordered the fish and fries. The portion was still too big for an adult. I could hardly finish it by myself.
Another main course was the tenderloin chickens with fries. It was a lot too, especially the fries. The food was really in the American's size.
We still prefer the Tony Roma's in Singapore, as it sells very good pork ribs there.
While enjoying the food, hubb utilized their free WIFI for checking his office mailbox. We also used this laptop to catch up with the TVB series in the hotel when the children were asleep.
The fries were so much that never seem to be finished by 4 of us.
The free kids set was included the dessert too, which could be either ice-cream or pudding.
The price for 2 adult (2 children get to eat free) is less than RM70.

To be continued...


  1. Wah..looks tempting...can see that the portion is big.. Guess u gain weight from your family fruity tutti trip lor...Never mind come back do more exercise.

  2. Angeline, yes, i put on 1kg when I was back from KL. Thank god that I starved myself for 2 to 3 days, I am now weighed lighter than the day I left for KL. I never skip my exercise routine one, I can be really aggresive at time.

  3. oh boy, all these foods in your posts are making me so hungry and i'm on diet now. boo hoo :(

  4. mommy to chumsy,

    Yesterday, I was quite hungry towards 3pm. I looked at all these photos, i really felt like want to eat them again.