KL Restaurant Food 4

Day 5 - Breakfast
The only breakfast we took was on the last day of our stay in KL, as we needed to wake up slightly earlier to pack the luggage. We also needed to fill up the empty stomachs, before we went into to the theme park to use up the energy. The breakfast was at Zhia's Kitchen.
Hubb's fried rice. Hubb is a "RICE" person, and I am a "NOODLE + BISCUIT" person.
Hubb is not a good food photographer. He helped me to take the picture of char siew pau and the subsequent food below when they arrived, and I was still in the washroom with the girls.
Dry wanton noodle and wanton soup. This picture was also taken by him.
Wanton noodle soup. This picture also. T____T.
Day 5 - Lunch.
This lunch was the last meal that we took in this KL trip. We had lunch at Canton-I.
Canton-I has so many type of biscuits that I really heart a lot. I ordered the Loh Poh Peng(biscuit for wife). My girls also like this biscuit too.
Hubb's HK Yin Yong milk.
Hubb also ordered the lettuce congee.
The girls saw me eating the wanton noodle soup in the morning at Zhia's Kitchen, and they wanted to have it for lunch. So, we ordered the dumpling noodle soup for them to share.
We also had the roasted pork (char siew) and roasted duck meat as the side dishes.
I am sorry that I don't know what this is called already. I ordered it for myself, but it tasted too sweet in the tomatoes gravy.
This was my dessert, which had lotus seeds, ginger and milk. The taste was a bit weird for me. I don't really like it.
Please stay tune for my fondest purchase from the shopping in KL.

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