KL Restaurant Food 1

Day 1 - Dinner
Our first dinner in KL was at Hartz chicken buffet. Hubb and I ate here before when we started dating and I was studying here that time, it was about 10 years ago. So, this time we brought our children along.

I only enjoyed the salad and fruit appetizer there.
May and April just 2 bites, and they put down the drumstick. I guess they still like KFC more.
Luckily, they could eat the pasta there.
I am not too sure whether we are more demanding now or we are more exposed now, as both hubb and I felt that the fried chicken and the food there was sucks.
Day 2 - Lunch.
By the way, we normally didn't take breakfast, as we used to wake up late.
This time we went to Dragon-I at the Curve.
I ordered the watercress with honey dates drink. It was not too sweet and very nice.
I also ordered the Tan Tan Mian. The taste was so so only.
Their very famous Xiao Long Pau. This was no need to mention anymore. 2 thumbs up.
Other fried dim sum.
Peanut glutinous rice ball (Dong Yuen) in ginger soup.
This clay pot rice had long beans, potatoes and grilled porks.
Ramen in clear soup.
Chicken soup.
Har Kau dim sum.
Mushroom, veggie and pork rice.
Lunch at Dragon-I was the most expensive among all the meals that I took in this 5D4N stay.
The cost for 3 adults and 2 children is around RM145.

Day 2 - Dinner
We had our dinner at Sushi Tei in Tropicana City Mall. However we didn't take any photo, as we were too tired after a whole day shopping in The Curve, Daiso, Ikea, and Tropicana City.
To be continued...

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