MIL's Birthday Dinner

Yesterday, we celebrated MIL's birthday at the Chinese restaurant in SSL Trader Hotel. This was the first time we had dinner over there.
Four seasons flower 1.
Four seasons flower 2.
Four seasons flower 3.
Four seasons flower 4.
Four seasons flowers put together.
Four seasons flowers on my plate.
Shark fins in big bowl.
Shark fins served in small bowl.
Peking duck wrapped in egg batter.
Steamed fish.
Sea cucumber and mushroom stuffed meat. I forget to snap a pic before everyone started to eat this dish, as I was too busy attending to my daughters. I also realised now that, after this dish, I also forget to snap pics for the subsequence other foods already. Like the fried noodles, the honey dew dessert and even the birthday cake. I definitely failed to be a food blogger. T___T Big family group photo.
PIL, younger SIL and my happy family.
PIL and elder SIL's happy family.

Weekend is here, I will take half day off today to go and watch MJ's This Is it at cinema. Then, on weekend, we will be going to KL. We bring the kids to Sunway Lagoon. This is their first time there. I hope that there is also schedule for me to catch up with some shopping at IKEA, DAISO and ONE U.
Have a nice weekend to everyone.


  1. Enjoy your trips!
    *I'm still so full now*

  2. oh the food is so delicious, especially the sea cucumber and peking duck. yummy!!

  3. Yvonne and Mommy to chumsy, thanks.