My morning at work

Every morning, I'll made sure I take a good if not the best breakfast. My breakfast is always settled at my work desk. Heheheheheh! Don't tell my b*#&. My breakfast is vary almost every day. Today I took Vegetarian Dumpling, which was really healthy, as it made with brown rice and it contained a lot of grains, nuts, beans and mushroom. It tasted 'ichiban' and it was so high fibre.
I cannot start working without taking a cup of hot beverage. My beverage is also vary depending on my own preference on that particular morning. If I need something to boost up my spirit when I slept late the previous night, I will make a cup of coffee. If my breakfast is really light and I scare I will go hungry after an hour, I will make a cup of oat or cereal. I only take less than 10 minutes to finish the breakfast. Then, I will quickly clear up my desk and start up my work with checking the email first. Hehehe! MJ's wallpaper on my desktop since June this year.
In between of doing the programs, trouble shooting the error, documenting the manual, answering the user's calls and brain storming the issue, I will look at the pictures of my princesses in front of my desk. I feel they are so cute and innocent when I am at work, but I feel they are so noisy and irritating when I am at home. Anyway, life is not that ideal, we have to learn to appreciate what we have on hand.

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