Shopaholic in KL

I had written about What I did and what I ate for the entire 5days and 4nights in the earlier entries. I hope that you are still here with me. In fact, I wanted to write about the shopping first. But then, I need some time to lay out all the items, so that I am able to publish here today.

1st, after the sun bathing in Sunway Lagoon, I got this Free Of Charge to bring back home. Waaaaaaaaa! I got sun burned at my back, shoulder and hands. The first shower when I returned home was so aching. The burning sensation lasted me for the subsequent 2 days. Until today, my skin is still peeling off and it is so itchy. T____T. Blame it on not applying sun tan lotion because of the thought that there wasn't much sun light after the last night rain. No sun light, but got sun burned, how come ah?Yvonne was helping me to take a picture of my back, which has so severe skin peeling right now. Look at how contrast the skin tone between my swim wear straps and the area that exposed to sun.
2nd. First $$ was spent on Bodyshop Shower Gel and the Lip Balm at the road shop held on Sunday Flea Market at the Curve. I was impressed to see many stalls at the flea Market at the Curve grond floor.
The normal price for the shower gel is RM28 and the lip balm is RM18. This purchase was meant for my dearest colleagues who helped covering the job for me, when I was away from the office.
Total RM40 (each RM10 only).

3rd. We didn't buy any toy for the girls at Toy R Us, except the 2 in 1 tabletop easel.
The girls had started to scrap on the whiteboard while they were still in the hotel.

4th. Bought a DIY tool toy set from IKEA.

5th. A frying pan from IKEA.
RM 12.

6th. Japanese junk food from Shojikiya

7th. Children wear, 2 Next T-shirts(RM33 buy 1 free 1), 2 leggings from Lady Bird (RM29.90, buy 1 free 1), and 2 red and black strap leggings (RM 15 each).
Total is RM92.80.

8th. MJ's Live in Bucharest DVD from CD Rama in Popular. I was triggered to buy this after watching This Is It alone the day before I came to KL. Besides, I could still hear MJ's songs playing non stop at the ground floor car fair at Sunway Pyramid.RM 42.

9th. Surf pants from Chic Avenue at Jaya Jusco. I didn't bring any pants which I could wear in the theme park. Hence, this came in time. RM19.

10th. I love this singlet from the flea market at the Curve. This type of singlet is my all time favourite. After wearing it out for some time, when the singlet has become looser and bigger, I will wear it as my sleep wear with my sexy boxer.
RM 15.

11th. These 2 pieces of tops from Eighteen Eighty.
White and Pink are so sweet.
RM 36 for 2.
12th. Purple spaghetti from Kitschen. By looking at this PPL top, I know I need to work out harder from now on to tone up the body, so that I can look more lean when wearing it. (By the way, PPL stands for Pang Pua Leap in hokkein. I learned it from Su In)
RM 39.

13th. Long and flare yellow top from MYNT. The top should be worn with a tube or singlet inside.
RM 39.

14th. Geen V neck blouse from Nichi. This was my most expensive clothes that I bought in this trip.
RM 49.

15th. Cutlery sets, mugs, bottles and containers. The mugs from Sunway Lagoon, RM5.90 each. The Disney plates from World of Cartoon, RM15.90 each. The Disney cutlery sets from JJ, RM8.90 each pair. The bottle and container sets from JJ too, RM8.90 per set.
Total RM79.20.

16th. The family photo from Sunway Lagoon.

17th. The Dress Up Doll books from MPH.
This was just once in a year time that we lived like a rich. That's why everyone loves holiday. Holiday is the time to just enjoy and relax only. The children do not need to worry of the homework. The parents do not need to worry of the housework and the office work.
After the holiday, we have to get back to the reality and work for the $$$ to earn for another holiday in future.


  1. wah so many 收获.. hehe.
    thanks for the souvenir!

  2. wow, so many stuff. i like the clothing you bought :D the body shop items are really a good buy. i must check out the flea market stalls at the curve soon :D the curve is my fav mall :D

  3. Hayley, you are welcome.

    mommy to chumsy, i really like the flea market at the Curve, the things are sold in good and reasonable price. I was so regret that I didn't buy the bikini from the flea market, otherwise, I can show off my not very perfect body at the Sunway Lagoon.

  4. Great shopping u have there...we still haven't got the chance to visit tat "LENG CHAI" Pasar Malam Stall leh at Aulong?

  5. Angeline, I don't know how to shop at that Leng Chai's stall without your company.