Sinful lunches

I am going out for lunch with my colleagues most of the time. Ever since, we fell in love with the lui char fun (Thunder Tea Rice, a type of Hakka Cuisine). We make it a point to go having it at least once everyweek.
The ''thunder'' possibly is the din created during the cutting, pounding and grinding of tea leaves, vegetables and nuts that go into the making of this extraordinary dish. This day, the boss of the stall even told us that there were also spicy flavour one. Oh my! Why didn't him tell me earlier? I like almost every thing in spicy one. We must go again for the spicy lui char fun next week. On the other hand, Yvonne was still in dilemma whether to eat the fried fish balls koey teow or the lui char fan. In order to make her feel more completed and get all her craves satisfied, I suggested to share the plate of fried koey teow with her, and we could have the lui char fan on our own. In fact, a bowl of lui char fan is more than enough for me who put diet as the lifetime mission. Thank God that this time I only ate the lui char and left the rice in the bowl at the end.
If we didn't order the fried koey teow to share, we also didn't want to go back to office with empty hands. We would go to the Pisang Goreng shop to buy the very famous deep fried jack fruit (cempedak), deep fried tapioca, mashed banana fritters (kuih kodok), deep fried sweet potatoes, deep fried yam, deep fried banana and etc.This day, our taste buds changed a bit. We didn't go the Pisang Goreng shop anymore, we went to the Nyonya Kuih stall. Again, Yvonne was craving for the Nyonya Kuih after watching too much of the Singapore TV series -Little Nyonya. She was getting herself really into Little Nyonya, until she was willing to break her record of the absenteeism from the yoga class.
After eating all these sinful delights, I know I have to do something about it. I changed into my newly bought yoga attire. Checking in the mirror for the excess flesh here and there; pack the yoga mat and a bottle of water, firm my mind up to burn more calories in the center. Wakakakaka! That's why I am forever on diet, because I never seems to achieve my ideal weight. T______T.


  1. Yan, tq for sharing the kuey teow with me. you are such a good 姐妹 to share the food and fat with me, ;p

  2. Yvonne, you are most welcome. I myself also very greedy, not soley because of you.

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  4. oh man..i was at yvonne's blog and saw the kuihs. now i'm so craving for them...uwawawwaawawawawa

  5. mommy to chumsy,
    When you come to Taiping, let me know, I'll try to get for you.