Soup of the week: Beet Root

I talked about the nutrient and health benefit in Beet Root here. Last Saturday, I bought another few Beet Roots, I wanted to boil Beet Root soup and make Beet Root juice again.
Some people may not know how a beet root look alike. Here it goes.

The beet root soup ingredients are, Beet Root, Wolfberries, Red Dates, pork and salt for taste only. The beet root soup is really sweet and nice.


  1. hi there. thanks for dropping by my blog :) actually i've been a silent reader of your blog for a while already...heheheehhehe.

    hmm..i've never tried beetroot soup. will make it one day. i only ate beetroot once when i went on a 3 day diet which supposedly could make a person lose 5 pounds in a week *shake head*. Got to steam the beetroot and it was horrible :D

  2. Hi Mommy to chumsy,

    I like your blog too, will link it in my blog.

    Thanks for reminding me that beetroot is good for weight loss. I am gonna buying it more in future.