Talk 11: Pinocchio's nose

One evening, I was a bit angry with May, as she kept telling me that she wanted to poo or pee in the potty. This was just one of her excuses to delay her sleep time, as she had just visited the potty a minute ago. So, I thought of the method that I used to scare April when she was about the same age as May last time.

I said,"May, you keep telling lies now, you don't have any pee or poo one, but you said you want to pee or poo. ".

I continued, " How dare you tell lies to me? Don't you notice your nose growing a bit longer now? Just like the Pinocchio. He told lies also, that's why his nose was so long at the end.".

April nodded her head and said, "Yes, it is longer now.".

I said again," May, you touch your nose and see, really longer now.".

The quiet May finally spoke a sentence, "Not because of me, it was Aunty (baby sitter), who pinched my nose every day one.".

Mummy and April, "..................................".

Since May was still a baby, this baby sitter has started to pinch May's nose gently every morning after bathing her, as she believed in the old wives tale that this action will help to shape May's nose a bit taller, nicer and sharper. I think this step is not effective at all, May is already 3 year old and her nose is still so flat one.


  1. Hahahaha..... It's really funny and entertaining.

  2. Dun worry dear, May will be just as pretty as her mom when she grown up k

  3. hehhehe..yes this is very funny. anyway, my mom did the same thing to ashley cos she always say, so and so did it and the nose did grow higher *shake head*

  4. Yvonne, mommy to chumsy, I also think it is funny. May is innocent when saying that the other evening.
    Angeline, thanks for the compliment.

  5. i used the same talk/trick to Kelvin when he kept telling me he wants to wee or poo during bed time. And he will respond to me that his nose still not long like pinnocchio's. *pengsan i*