This is it

I just came back from watching This Is It. I have so many to write about This Is It. It was so fantastic. This movie is specially made for his fans and those who love him dearly.

This is it, is a concert film assembled from footage of the rehearsals for the London performances nullified by his death in June. It showed how MJ involved in picking his own dancers and correcting his own band. He knows his songs every key and compose so well that no one in his crew can ever lie to him. "I want the music exactly like in the album." he said this to his band. The great entertainer is demanding, but his demands is always polite and humble. I also like the way every time people said to him "Micheal, we love you." and he would say "I love you more." or "I love you too.".

This is it, his fans can get to know him better. He is a good guy, who always loves children, nature, earth and planet. That's why he is still wearing the arm band in his last performance on stage. He said before that he will wear it if there are still children suffering in this world.
This is it, the thinnest MJ that I have ever seen. Though occasionally ragged, his voice is strong—“Human Nature” , “Black or White” , "Bad", "Billie Jean", "The Way You Make Me Feel", "Thriller", "Smooth Criminal", "They Don't Really Care About Us", "Earth Song", "Man In The Mirror", “Beat It” and more breathtaking songs. And his dancing is utterly assured. It’s tough to believe he was 50, he seems so feather-light and vigorous.

This is it, is lighted and edited like a real concert film, and the sound is almost too good to believe.
The director, Ortega made this film to honor not just the memory of Jackson but the hard work of a big cast and crew that never made it to opening night.
This is it, everyone knows that he just need one show to get back the world.
I fail in rating This Is It. I just can conclude everything in one word - COOL.


  1. Your half day leave is definetely a worth! ;)

  2. Wow, u tempted me to go & watch This Is It too....

  3. thanks for sharing this. yes..now i want to go and watch it asap :D

  4. Hayley, of course it worths.
    Yvonne, I managed to control my emotion and tear.
    Mommy to chumsy, MJ is god alike human that inspired me since i was still a child.

  5. I feel like crying again now. :( Well said.

  6. Kim, I am so glad to know that you like MJ as much as I do.

  7. Kim, I am so glad to know that you like MJ as much as I do.