Accomplishments in 2009

The below was some memorable moments in year 2009. I personally feel very proud of April and May;first was being able to sleep in their own bedroom; second was attending the UCMAS lessons happily and third was May going to kindergarten without much fuss.

1. Sold out the old couch and bought new couch in April.
2. April and May slept in their own bedroom in June.
3. April learned UCMAS Arithmetic and May learned I-Maths in July.
4. April won the maths contest champion and got a new bicycle in August.
5. Bought a new TV LCD 37 inches monitor in September.
6. Went to Genting in October.
7. April No 1 in class in October.
8. Watch This Is It alone in November.
9. 5D4N holidays in KL in November.
10. Little May went to kindergarten in November.


  1. wow, what a lot of accomplishments. well done :D

  2. Angeline and Barbara, after doing the accomplishments, I will start thinking of the new year resolution already.