Beads after beads

When come to buy toys, the father would buy them blocks, Lego, mini laptop or other more structured toys. Myself would buy them toys like barbie dolls, kitchen play sets, play dough or other more girlie toys. I don't remember I played with beads at my childhood, but I saw beads selling almost in every toy shops nowadays. I also got my girls a beads set finally. It was a small beads set and only RM6, as I don't know how much my girls will enjoy playing it.
Some instructions at the back of the cupboard on how to join the beads to make ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings as well.
I made May a necklace with some pink and yellow beads.
I love May's big and sparkling eyes here so much.
I left April to join her own necklace.
Her first necklace wasn't so nice in the color combination.
Another necklace and ring that I joined for May.
This second necklace of April, that she made it herself was showing some improvement already. At least the two sides from the middle stone were in good color combination.

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