Computer time and drawing time

I started to let April and May have their first touch on the laptop about a month ago. I only allow them to use it on weekends and only for about 2 hours per day.
So far, they only learned to browse at the Disney Channel Playhouse.
They have a lot fun in the activities and games at that website. They are now looking forwards to weekends just because of the computer time, and they totally don't want to look at their mini toy laptops now. I was very regret for getting those toys for them, as the activities and games there are so boring when compare to the one, which they can get online.
This was April drawing on last week. What I saw was 6 girls walking in a sunny and cloudy day.
Out of my curiosity, I asked her what she was drawing. She answered me they were the 6 Disney Princesses - Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and Jasmine.

As for little May, she drew a big oval, inside the big oval, there was a smaller oval.
Could you guess what was that? She told me this was an egg and egg yolk. She must be craving for egg. lol!


  1. such a colourful egg yolk, lol. at least no violence in the picture :)

  2. wow, your girl can draw so well :) good job :D it's good that you restrict their computer time. i should have done it for ashley so that she won't keeping hogging my laptop. ok..i think i better start giving her a timetable :D

  3. is a womb..hehehe. Got baby inside de...

  4. Yvonne, that how all the color pens were used up. I gotto invest more color pens now.

    Barb, regardless holidays or school days, they are only allowed to play computer on weekends and only 2 hours each day.

    Angeline, is it looked like a womb? hahahahaha!