Dinner and Karaoke

One fine Sunday evening, we went to Jin Yu Man Tang Restaurant for dinner and karaoke again. The first time, I were there with my colleagues, and I have blogged about it here. This time around, I were there with hubb and my 2 princesses. This was also my 2 princesses' first experience in singing K.

I booked and ordered the dishes over the phone, so the lady owner had mistakenly written down 2 types of tofu. Hubb and I were being very cincai, we just walloped whatever the dishes that they served.
Special Green Beancurd. The chef stuffed the vegetable in the beancurd, and that's why it was green in color.
Golden Beancurd.
Fresh Pak Hup Fried Brocolli with Red Snapper Fish.
Curry Fish Head, and Fried Fish Sliced with Ginger and Onion was not in the pictures.
Dessert was Fruity Honey Kuai Ling Kou.
Before April and May started their dinner, they sang their most favourite You Are Not Alone.
Hubb also sang a few songs while having his dinner and beer.
I was a bit surprised to see Twins in Mary Has A Little Lamb and It's A Small World music videos.
This girl group was one time a popular group in Hong Kong and a top band in China. However, after Gillian Chung Yan-tung was caught involving in Edison Chen's scandal in 2008. This group's fame was deteriorated.
They released some children songs album before. If not because of the scandal, she would still be the idol of many teenagers, and even the children.
After singing a few children nursery rhymes, my two girls still preferred MJ's songs. Here they sang Billie Jean.
Last song of the night was also You Are Not Alone. I'm sure you bored about this song already, but don't know why they ain't bored one.
The bill was RM108. It wasn't that expensive, if not because of the 2 large bottles of beer. We enjoyed singing K very much.


  1. So good to patronize that place again. Sadly, my hubby is not keen to visit that place bcoz he said the food isn't very nice. Or else, Avery would enjoy herself to the most!

  2. Yvonne, I guess this is just one time experience for them. I am not sure when will be the next time for my family to be there too. May be we can plan our new year gathering there again.

  3. waaahh...a family of karaoke ;) so you get a private room in the restaurant? how fun :D

  4. Barb, yes, we booked the room. This is the best part of the restuarant. Room for dinner and karaoke. What we need to do is to make earlier appointment.