FIL's Birthday Lunch

Last Monday, we went to Port Weld to have seafood cuisine for lunch, at the same time to celebrate FIL's birthday. This was the 3rd time we were there.

Port Weld and also known as Kuala Sepetang. To get there, we needed to travel to the North South Expressway (PLUS) to Ipoh and exit at Changkat Jering to Taiping road, follow the trunk road until the signage to Kuala Sepetang. Since April couldn't take seafood due to chicken pox, I boiled the watercress with honey dates soup in the morning. Then, we packed the soup and brought along to Port Weld for the girls.
May was helping me to snap a picture of my new hair style. Some friends said I looked mature in this new hair style. I am already a mother of two, if look a bit mature also doesn't matter la! Just for a change in the look.
Little May with her big big eyes and small smal face.
Steamed octopus.
Steamed clams.
Deep fried shrimps.
Steamed prawns.
Steamed fish.
Stir fried spinach.
Stir fried crabs.
Tom yam fish sliced.
April and May only took steamed fished, spinach and the watercress soup with rice.
After the lunch, they drank 100Plus to quench the thirst. 100Plus is the only soft drink that I let them take during hot weather.
The kids were checking out at the river from the fence. SIL's son is always the best buddy of April and May.
The bill was RM250 (inclusive 2 large bottles of beer) for 10 adults and 2 children. The price is considered rather cheap and the seafood is really fresh and nice.


  1. Mmmm, the food looks tempting & delicious especially my stomach is empty now.

  2. yes, the food look so appetizing. i can't help but laugh when you said you are already a mother of two so look a bit mature also never mind..hehehehehehe.

  3. Yvonne, Barb, the food there is strongly recommended to try.