Happy Birthday to Yvonne

Yes, this is Blog With Yan, this is not From Taiping with Love. No, you are not entering wrong website. Another birthday post before we bid Good Bye 2010. Tomorrow is Yvonne's Happy Birthday. That's why I put up her children photos in my blog, because I know Little and Big Chii are her entire life.

Yvonne sits next to me in the office, we see each other everyday except weekends, public holidays, her off day, my off day, her MC and my MC . We didn't usually wish each other Good Morning the moment we 'first' see each other, we would start chatting on our children, husbands, last night activities and bla bla bla. Until the boss called us in for the every morning mourning. Once we returned to our cubicles, we then changed the topic to complain, scold and curse with all the 4-letter words that we could think of.

Yvonne and myself share a lot of common topics, we both are mother of two kids, we also have a lot of common interests, like make up, fashion, diet, yoga, movie, gossiping, cooking, blogging and so on. We know each other quite well, and we also understand each other limitations and weaknesses, at the same time we too respect each other differences and preferences. The co-worker relationship and friendship between us were actually built and get stronger over the time.

Since tomorrow is Yvonne's big day, I would like to say nothing but only true good things. Wakakaka!

1. She is pretty, sweet, fair, slim and perfect complexion. So envy her, as she doesn't need to spend $$$ on expensive facial products and facial treatment, and yet she looks flawless.

2. She is smart and capable in her job. She can do very good notes and documentation. Her handwriting is so neat like printed font.

3. She is good big sister to her siblings, good daughter to her parents, good wife to her husband, and wonderful mother to her two super cute children.
Avery and also known as big Chii.
Hye Chi and also known as little Chi.

4. She loves to do cleaning, her cubicle always clean and tidy, so as her house. I always suggested her to open a cleaning company when she has nothing to do in future

5. She likes cooking, if you read her blog, you will know this is true.

The most important one she is also a good colleague to me, as she was helpful whenever I seek her assistance, be it work or personal matters like wrapping Christmas gifts; she was able to cheer me up, when I was mentally being tortured by the insane people whom existence was only making other people life difficult; she is supportive and truthful to be a friend of mine, whom I really appreciate her companion.

p/s: Yvonne, something that I didn't tell, and I feel like telling you here. You had quite bad mood swings during your second pregnancy, and I almost wanted to confront you, but I kept telling myself, it was not you, it was your hormone. Thank God, you back to your normal self after returning from your maternity leaves. Muahahhaha!
Happy Birthday to Yvonne, and may all your dreams come true.


  1. Aww... so sweet. I never thought you would blog about me *tear-y eyes* Thanks for the wishes TvT

    OMG, I didn't realise I was THAT moody during my pregnancy? So sorry if I made your days bad because my hormonal imbalance.

    I'm blessed, God send you as my friend and colleague.

  2. hahahahahah....you are such a nice friend. i can sense how strong your friendship with Yvonne is :D I know Yvonne is a nice lady after reading her blog :) I'll hop over to her blog and wish her :D

  3. Such a nice post for her! and she definetely deserve it!
    happy birthday to Yvonne as well...

  4. Yvonne, you're welcome :)

    Barb, you can sense that, not bad huh! thanks.

    Hayley, thanks and you are right.