Holiday Art Classes

April had gone to art lessons since she was 4. She had learned art for 2 full years, and she seems enjoying the art lessons more and more. I was wondering why she has so much interest in art, as for me, I never interested in art in my whole life, and I only liked mathematics. This holiday, I let her attend the handcraft and art work classes. She asked me to take pictures of her finished art work. The recycled and environmental friendly shopping bag, which she drew and painted the Hello Kitty picture there.
The drawing board. One side was her own creativity drawing.
Another side of the drawing board was sticking with some waste wrapped papers.
This one was only done last weekend. A Christmas tree book mark.


  1. Wow, surprisingly a pre-schooler can draw better than me! Your effort & money for sending her to the art classes is not wasted. She's so creative.

  2. Yvonne, I am pretty sure that the teacher did help them up a bit.