Honey and Santa

Another 2 weeks to Christmas, and I already bought myself a Christmas gift. I am always good in finding good reason to spend money. lol!

Again, I found an interesting online boutique My Little Closet and also became its fan in the facebook. To my surprise, Hayley told us that she knew the owner, and the owner's shop is only nearby. OMG! How can I resist this type of temptation? I must make a trip to the shop to hunt for the interesting stuffs, as Yvonne and myself were very much attracted by the special handmade bracelets that we saw online.After choosing and browsing for a while, I fell in love in this handmade bracelet.

All the bracelets there are named, and mine is Honey Honey. I specially love the 2 bees that tangling down the chain. All the stones were in the color of honey. To my utterly pleasure, the owner gave us a free gift with our purchase. She said that this was the special Christmas gift to her customers. She gave me the red bracelet called Santa. I heart these two bracelets to bits.
Beside bracelets, the shop also has very nice hand bags, belts, dresses, blouses and T-Shirts.


  1. beautiful bracelets :) i also heart accessories like these ;)

  2. oh yes, the bracelets are carefully assembled. very pretty.

  3. Barb, women's heart is so expensive right?

    Yvonne, faster post up your purchase there too.

  4. WOW....Your blog is so lovely ^^ muak**

  5. hey Sheoh Yan, i just remember this. you can check out this link if you like bracelets - http://momslittletreasurebox.blogspot.com/. She's a fellow blogger mommy and is very creative.

  6. Jas, thanks.
    Barb, I have dropped by the link that you gave, very interesting website. Thanks.

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