Last wedding dinner in 2009

We attended my babysitter's son's wedding dinner on the Boxing Day. This was actually the second and the last wedding dinner that I attended in year 2009. This was also the very first wedding dinner we went in one complete family. We didn't bring the children along if we went to colleagues or friends' wedding dinner. Since the host was my children's babysitter, we could get to go in family. My babysitter also invited my PIL, but my MIL was invited to another wedding dinner on the same evening, so only my FIL could join us.
Most of the wedding dinners, we had to wait for more than half an hour (if we were lucky) before the bride and the groom were shown in the hall to kick off the dinner. So, I brought along a lot of snacks like jelly, vitagen, biscuit and seaweed for my princesses to kill the time.
An hour later.....I still couldn't see the shadow of the bride...and I noticed my FIL already ZZzzzzz.......I guess he was too tired of waiting for the dinner to be served.
Finally, the stars of the night arrived at the red carpet. They were a well-matched couple. Everyone said so.
The main supporting actor (babysitter's husband) and the main supporting actress (babysitter) , and a group of children whom they had taken care. The only boy and the girl in pink were the first 2 children whom my babysitter were taking care. The girl in black and white straps shirt was the second batch, and my children were the third batch.
They were nice and friendly couple. Big congratulation to this newly wed.


  1. Hahaha, the look of your FIL is very funny!

  2. Pity ur FIL got to wait for so long...He's cute in tat pic

  3. Hey i like the 1st pic...u look stunning with the new hair style!

  4. Yvonne, he was damn boring, the father and son also didn't talk much, they both are quiet people.

    Angeline, thanks, but i think I look more mature with this hair style.

  5. hhahahaha...i cannot help laughing at your FIL's photo. I wonder why Chinese ppl like to keep their guests waiting huh? Can't they be punctual?

  6. Barb, hehehe! Yes, when they are late, they like to blame it to traffic, weather and so on. This is human being.