She says

In the morning, April reported to me that the conversation between little May and her classmate after class.

Classmate: What's your name?
May: My name is 'pong pong' (refer to females private part).
Classmates and May laughed.

Classmate: What's your name la?
May: My name is 'neh neh ku' (refer to females breast).
Classmates and May laughed louder.

May continued to tell....My name is 'pi ku' (refer to buttock). My name is 'tor chai' (refer to belly button).... Almost all the obscene words were coming out one after another.

Cassmates and May kept laughing away.

Mommy scolded: May, you shouldn't say this kind of words at school. These considered very very rough words. I will beat your mouth when you say these at school next time.

In the afternoon, mommy was not satisfied and also worried that May would forget, and she was just starting to attend school a week ago.

Mommy commanded: May, never ever say 'Pong Pong' or 'Neh Neh Ku' at school again. I will slap your mouth if I get to know.

In the evening, mommy still nagged May: Remember ok? These words can only say at home, not allow to say at school. Don't ever let me hear you say that at school again.
On next day, mommy asked May, "Today, did you say 'Pong Pong' or 'Neh Neh Ku' at school?"
May answered, "No.".

I hope it ends here.


  1. Hahaha, she is still naive. She doesn't know these words are considered vulgar yet.
    But how do you control your laughter when she told you? It's very funny.

  2. Yvonne, I tried to withhold the laughter of course. I was not that successful as well. Laught a bit and try to pretend serious afterwards.

  3. I guess the only way to make her "forget" all these word is to reduce the frequency of using these word in front of her, hoping she will soon forget about the term. It's really tough to control on their word as sometimes they pick it up from others. *slapped forehead*

  4. Joanne, what you said is true. We should watch out for our words.

  5. but it was really funny when i heard you said.. ;)
    hopefully May will remember what mummy said...

  6. Hayley, sooner or later you will learn this also, kid can make you laugh and cry at the same time.