The way they wore their hats

This was little May wearing her hat which is in jeans material.
This was April wearing her white hat, but she treated it like her favourite fedora.
She was tilting down her head herself without anyone told her to do so, when I wanted to take pictures of her. She was trying to mimic someone. Do you know who?
May was not that good in posing, she looked like a big mushroom. Do you find this pose familiar?
Another picture of May. Couldn't see her eyes and nose at all. If she was driving her car like that, sure got accident one.
April on the other hand was quite cool in her expression.
Together, they tried to wear the hats just like the King of Pop.
This is it. LoL!


  1. lol, very funny! they really idolize MJ until imitate the 'hat' part.

  2. Yvonne, they would dig out their hats whenever they watched MJ's DVD.

  3. hahhahhaa...very funny indeed and yes, do look like MJ. the hats are nice :)

  4. Barbara, I do find ths very entertaining as well. April and May are big fans of MJ.