Winter Solstice Arrival

Today is Winter Solstice arrival day (冬至). This was my "first" bowl of glutinous rice balls(汤圆) "today". I am working today, so I didn't get to take the glutinous rice balls from home which was cooked by my MIL and helped by my two princesses on yesterday evening. This morning, when I stopped to buy breakfast, I found the glutinous rice balls were selling there too. Immediately, I bought one packet to quench my hunger first. I love glutinous rice balls since young.
Eating glutinous rice balls on Winter Solstice is a Chinese tradition; representing a reunion and also meaning add one year old after eating it. Some old people believed that you have to eat the glutinous rice balls according to the number your age. I really don't mind eating glutinous rice balls according to the number of my age, I am just afraid of the calories which hide in the glutinous rice balls and the sweet soup. I'm so conflicting right?


  1. oh~ just make sure the output > input. which means pour in more effort to shed of the extra calories =)

  2. Hmm, think this way, only once a year, so its ok?
    haha *self convinced*

  3. I love "tong yuen" too and too bad we only get to eat them once a year. I just had a bowl. Happy Winter Solstice Festival to you and your family.

  4. Yvonne, I just back from yoga, hope it burned some excessive calories there. Hayley, so, how many bowl you took? Barb, same to you too.