The Princess Diaries

It has been quite some time that April urged me to buy her a tiara type of hair accessories, as she saw her classmate wearing the tiara to school. Besides, she always wants to be a princess. So, I decided to go to S&M to look for one for both of them.

Beside the tiara, Angeline, Yvonne and myself were together spotting these heart shape photo frame magnets. 3 of us bought 6 of them.
My sweetheart princesses are always with me for the long boring and tiring working hours.

This is the little tiara that I found, and it reminded of the movie - The Princess Diaries.
Now, you can see clearer how tiny the tiara is on my hair.
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New sofa arrived

The new sofa that we ordered 2 weeks ago was finally here last weekend. They are the black covered with brown based leather 3 seats and 2 seats sofa. April and May were just waking up from their sweet nap and we asked them to try sitting on the new sofa.

And, I found these 2 pics, same place, same in person, same in what we wore, just different in time, the pose and the sofa.
However, the recent hot weather is too warm for us to enjoy the leather sofa. Hubb and I still prefer to sit on the floor while watching TV.
I have stated several reasons why we wanted to change the sofa in my previous entry.
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April's first colouring contest

April's art teacher registered her for a colouring contest which organised by Hong Leong Bank. We were so excited for this event. When the day came, we got ready to go out.
At the door, my fair ladies were so lovely.
We were at Hong Leong Bank already. They served us some light snacks. Too bad that the food had so many flies on top, and I was so scared that we might get diarrhoea afterwards. Thank god we all safe.
Every children had free balloons.
Colouring contest started. April was steadily choosing the crayons.
May was giving some moral support to the big sister.
She coloured with full of her passion in art.
I actually quite satisfied with April's colouring skills, very tidy and presentable.
She was almost finishing. Although she wasn't winning any prize, she was the second fastest to complete her colouring. I'm proud of her.
Nonetheless, I wasn't very happy with the organizer - Hong Leong Bank Family Day committee team. There were so many miscommunication and hiccups happened that day.
1. They informed us to come at 11.30am, as there was a LOOK ALIKE parents and children contest. When we were there at 11.30am, this event was already over. Then, we have to wait for another 1.5 hours before the colouring contest start. Then, the bank staffs were grabbing this opportunity to approach you for selling their credit card, investment plan, saving plan and etc.
2. The food served was full with flies on top. So in-hygiene. There were so many children there, I was really afraid of the food poisoning might happen to the children and who should we blame or sue.
3. The colouring contest was held outside the building, although there were shade, there weren't enough fans for cooling purpose. The weather was damn hot and all the children were sweating while doing the colouring contest. So pitiful.
4. The biggest mistake was they the one informed me that no need to bring any colouring tool or stationary. I confirmed with one of their lady staffs upon registration, again she said to me that colours and brushes would be provided. When the contest almost started, then only I found out that colours and brushed were only provided to the group age 7 and above. Damn it. Luckily there were book store nearby the place. Hubb and I rushed to the book store and grabbed a box of crayons quickly. We have to spend extra money to buy a new set of crayons for April. We weren't that happy and I started to compliant to one of their lady official. I told her frankly that this miscommunication was not too nice to happen to my child who is only 5, and we would be more well prepared if they could tell us right earlier.
As a conclusion, this was April's first colouring contest, we all gained some experience from here. In future, we'll bring all the colouring necessities like 8B pencil, colour pencils, crayons, cloth and so on, although the organizer tells us otherwise. Just in case like what mentioned as above happened again.
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We had this new Nash Donuts and Bakery in town for quite some times, but we only got the right mood and appetite to try it out today.
The left one with "bak hu" one was mine, and the right one was Yvonne one.
Forget to mention that, Yvonne is my neighbour at my work station. She was just back to work this Monday after away for more than 2 months of her second maternity leaves. So envy her. No, I should say, so jealous her. she has back to her original shape in only 2 months time. How can she make it one? Honestly, she looks even prettier now. She has so many complements on the first day she return to work.
Back to my donut, it is very yummy, I want to wallop it into my tummy. I eat liao ah?
I really eat liao ah?
2 minutes later.
I finish eating liao. Ho Chiak!
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2nd Handcraft Session

Our first handcraft session was in last November. The second session was only happened after 5 months. Of course, we can always blame it to our tight schedules ever since April started her kindergarten. We have to help her revise her study during our off days, no time, no mood, bla, bla, bla and so on.

Finally, last weekend, right after April's birthday celebration at school, we have some left over items, such as paper plates and serviettes. On the other hand, Aunt Su In gave a pack of magic colours and 2 glittery glues for April as her birthday present. I thought of letting my children making used of all these things.

Again, I also let them use those lucky stars from my old dating time as the additional decoration stuff. I only spent little money on items like 1 pink and 1 purple manila cards, and some colourful paper crafts.

We were going to create some Teacher's Day cards. 3 of us made a total of 4 cards. April was the one creating 2 cards for her teachers. She used a cotton bud to apply the glittery glue and stick the paper crafts with different colours and shapes on it later.
Ta da! The end result of our handcraft. 4 cards, another 2 were ?????? What should I name them?

This was the bottom of a paper plate, and we pasted it on top of a colourful table napkin. Then, April and May used the magic colours to draw some patterns on the paper place, before they started to stick a lot of lucky stars on it with the glittery glue again. I really couldn't think of what best purpose and theme for this piece of art work. However, April was smart enough to give a good suggestion. Half way through the session, she suddenly said, "Mommy, look at my cake, nice or not?". Then, quickly I responded, "Yes, we see whose birthday cake is the nicest one later, ok?". Phew.........huh! What a good idea that we were making a paper birthday cake. At the end, this was May's design. She even hold it and sang to herself "......Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to May......". LOL.

This was April's one.

I also did one as a demo for them. Too shy to share here. I already threw into a dustbin without their notice.
So, what we learned from this session. It is a good way to foster stronger bonding in the family. The children is always looking forwards to the next handcraft session. This will enable us to get closer with each other. The children were able to practise their drawing skills, and they were also encouraged to be creative in their thinking. They were free to draw, develop, explore and design their own art work themselves. In general, this will aso bring some balance to the children's live, and not solely study and homework.
When you see your children showing the enthusiasm and putting all the concentration on one thing, you'll be delighted too. What a great weekend for us.
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Hair styles

I have been with my short hair style for quite some time. I feel bored with my short hair already. I feel like want to keep my hair long this time.

Then, hubb would definitely ask me, how long do you want to keep your hair? As he is the one sweeping the floor. He is afraid of seeing a lot of dropping hair when he does the floor cleaning.

He always showed disagreement and discouragement whenever I told him I want to keep my hair longer. Then, I think he is very weird, mostly men love women have long hair. As women with long hair are looking more feminine, gorgeous and sexy. Though some short hair styles can be quite stylish and classic too.

I always imagine how nice if I can have a long, wavy and voluminous hair like Su Qi 舒淇.

So damn sexy and gorgeous right? I love her hair sytle very much. When she was still Leon Lai's girl friend, I was so jealous of her.

If I can't be liked Su Qi, I wish to be liked Charlie Yang 杨彩妮. She used to have very straight and silky long hair. Don't ask me why I choose her and so many actresses have long straight and silky hair out there? I also don't know the reason. May be she was the only few actresses who had a very nice, smooth and shining long hair during my secondary school time.

May be I am following too much of the online reality TV show Malaysian Dream Girl 2 recently, I'm kind a like the judge of the show and also the former Miss Malaysia Universe, Elaine Daly's shoulder lenght hair style. I find it simple, nice, and easy to manage for a working mom like me. If I ask my hubb which hair style is better, he sure says her short hair is better. He must be watching too much of The Gem of Life. So, he is hoping that I will be looking as classy as Ada Choi 蔡少芬.

Anyway, I would like to give myself a chance. See how long I can keep my hair this round. I also want to keep my little May's hair too. Then, all the 3 ladies at home will together contribute to the dropping hair on the floor. Don't worry hubb, I'll try to help you to sweep the floor more often. Ok? Deal?

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Continue Happy Birthday to April

.... continue from my previous entry. I let April and May unwrap their presents from Aunt Su In yesterday. Normally, We didn't buy present on their birthday one. All the presents were from Aunt Su In. Thank you very much, Su In, if you read this, you are my children's Santa Clause.

The card was created by Adeline, Su In's daughter. April likes the card very much.

I was running out of the colouring. Then I quickly went to a Malay grocery shop nearby, but they only had rose syrup. So, the pink eggs have become red eggs.

These little paper bags were also bought from a Malay shop, which sells all the wedding necessaries.

The Sleeping Beauty birthday cake. I am quite satisfied with the baker's drawing. Nice!

April and her 4 other girl friends. The teacher arranged the egg paper bag so neatly on top of the table.

The 5 years old classmates. April turned out to be so timid here. The rest were so cheeky.

Everyone was waiting for April to make a wish and blow the candles.

Off the candles, and April was still looked so shy.

I was not sure what was the joke, April finally burst into laughter with everyone else.

All the above photos were taken by the nursery principal. I hope April and her friends were really having a good time today.
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Happy Birthday to April

10 April 2004, we were gifted a very beautiful baby girl, we named her April. Her presence has made everyone in the family overjoy. Everyone adore her.
When April was 6 months old.

When April was 10 months old.

Around 20 over relatives and friends were invited, and together We celebrated her 1st birthday at KFC.

The almost same number of relatives and friends celebrated her second birthday at Pizza hut.
Can you see May in this pic? She was in my tummy.

She celebrated her 3rd birthday with her classmates and teachers at MRC.
We celebrated her 4th Birthday at home. Then, we went to Penang on the following weekend for the Disney On Ice show.
There at Penang, Aunt Su In specially baked her a butter cake and organised her a small home party.

So, what will be on for April tomorrow? I already ordered her a cake with Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) portrait on top. She loves everything in pink, so I insisted the baker to draw Aurora's gown in pink. Besides, I'll make some pink eggs tonight and pack each egg in a tiny paper bag, so that she can distribute the eggs to her teachers and friends in her nursery tomorrow. Again, I'll let her celebrate her 5th birthday in her nursery.
Happy Birthday to sweetheart April. Happy Easter to Everyone.
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