Dumpling Festival

Yesterday was the dumpling festival. So, my breakfast this morning was this big dumpling that was made by my MIL.

It had green beans, salty egg york, pork, and the glutinous rice.

Quickly, I unwrapped the lotus leaf before it turned cold, as I actually heated it up before I left for office.

It was big, real big one.

I cut in the middle to put in some sugar. I love to eat white dumpling with sugar.

I scattered some white sugar on top.

Does it look yummy to you? You trust me, it is really yummy. I have to force myself to temporary forget about my diet plan, forget about the calorie count, forget about the high fat and so on. Just concentrate in enjoying my favourite dumpling today. Later, I will work out in my yoga harder. I must get ready to go yoga now, bye.
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May in 36th month

May was born in 27 May 2006. She is full 3 year old today. Too bad that this morning, she accidentally wet the bed during sleep. Omg! I was too tired last night after the yoga, and I forget to wake her up for peeing.
May in her 16 days. I kept comparing her with the Jie Jie, her jie jie is so fair, and she is so tan.

May in 6th month. She still very tan, luckily she has a big round eyes with double eyelids, and she also has dimples.

May in her 16th month, she got a bit fairer already.

May in her 26th month. She always one frame smaller than her Jie Jie. But, they have one similarity, both of them are having curly hair.

May in her 36th month. She wore hat, bangles and used the toy hair dryer to play make-up.
She can recognise and tell all the colours correctly. She can tell all the shapes, except that she still confuses between square and rectangle. She can sing the full ABC song correctly too. Besides, she can recognise and tell all the Disney Princesses names as well.

I wish my little May good health, good fortune and stay happy always.
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Happy 3 year-old Birthday to my little May

Yesterday was my little May Chinese Lunar Birthday. Together with in law family, we celebrated her birthday at KFC.

The group photo.

My two princesses wannabe and the mother Queen wannabe.

The happy family photo.

The night before yesterday, while hubb was teaching April on her homework. May and myself were watching the Astro Golden Melody Singing Contest Grand Finale on channel AEC. May was really my good companion, as she was enjoying the show and paying full concentration on it.

These were the evidences. Although she was only 3 years old, she enjoyed watching the Aunty and Uncle singing. Lol!
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Flying colours

Yesterday, after work I left office and went straight to pick my 2 princesses from the baby sitter's place. When April got into the car, she told me, "Mommy, I have something to show you when we reach home.". She wanted to show me something that her father has brought home earlier when he picked her up from school in the afternoon.

She showed me her 4 test papers and 1 green report card. I reviewed her test papers one by one and also read aloud her teacher's comment on her school performance to her. She was so delighted to hear the comment. Her teacher's comment are, "Quiet, concentrate, fast learner, a good model to other classmates. Just a bit careless in some of the Mathematics exercises. Overall performance is very good. "
This was her first exam. 5 year-old class mid year exam was required to sit for only 4 papers; BM, Chinese, English and Math. She proudly showed me her papers, as she scored 100% for all of them. Of course, I was delighted and proud of her, as this was a good start in her academy performance.
At least, our effort in coaching her study in every evening was not wasted. She did a good job.

She even has "A" in the Discipline column, which I'm not quite agreeing with, she is a real monster at home.

Oops...when I was excitedly taking photos of April, I noticed that May was staring quietly at us. Her Jie Jie was showing off her report card and test papers, what is she going to show off then?

She was then taking out her colouring book to show me. Wow! My little May was painting all the pictures with colourful shades.

Another one was the rainbow colour jug.

...and also rainbow colour oven. *pengsan*
Nevertheless, May is getting very adorable. I am proud my two darling princesses.
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Baby Cassandra

Last two weeks, I happened to stalk this blog . I was first attracted by the angelic faces of her 3 daughters on the banner. Next, I talked to myself that this blogger is having 3 very cute and pretty girls. Then, her posts on her last baby girl's surgery quickly draw all my attention away.

Her mother addressed her as Baby C in her blog. She is a very adorable baby girl that she can easily win the heart of whoever look at her. She went through a surgery to fix her kidney reflux problem in Penang hospital in early May. After the surgery, she was discharged for one day only, then she was admitted again due to vomiting and pooping non stop.

She went through many X-rays on her guts. She also went through CT scan. Her hands have many holes due to the inserted and re-inserted IV line. She has fever on and off. She has puked for several days already. So, she was not drinking or eating, and she was rather weak.

My mind is totally conquered by Baby C after reading her mother's update on her condition day by day. I get quite nervous, if I can't see her update in the blog in the morning. I will start wonder what has happened to Baby C.

Finally, today I read that Baby C has stopped vomiting for a night, and her mother has started to breastfeed her in the morning. The doctor and the mother are still monitoring her condition very closely now.

All the readers were praying for Baby C and showing full mental support to this blogger. Everyone was showing deep care and concern for her case. Same for me here.

The blogger call herself as Health Freak Mommy. She has another blog -Health is Wealth.

I don't know what I can do for this very cute little girl - Baby Cassandra. I just wish her speedy recovery. To the mother Shireen, please take very good care of Baby Cassandra when she has recovered. Please, no sea food and no egg, only plain soup, plain porridge or white bread for Baby C now. Besides, don't bring her out so soon, as her body is still recovering, and is quite pruned to other infection.
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Growing roses

May is turning 3 this 27th. She has gone through her potty trained phase, and she is now toilet trained. She is good at laying her own seat pan on top of the toilet bowl and using a small stool as her step case. After doing her business, she is also able to flush away her own waste. So, I can conclude that she is fully toilet trained at 3 years young.

April is already 5 year and 1 month young. She is getting more and more independent now. I can count on her to do a lot of things, like arranging her books in school bag by referring to the school time table, completing her homework at babysitter house, switching channel to channel by using TV remote control and tidying up her bed in the morning.
I'm not forgetting to introduce this yummilicious (self created word, I joined the words yummy and delicious here) bread here, it is the Gardenia Delicia Butterscotch. It has become April's first choice of snack now. She will take 2.5 pieces in her morning break at school. Thanks Angeline for recommending it to me, and now I get it from the Seven Eleven store.
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Dilemma again

Actually, this is the part 2 of my earlier entry http://sheohyan.blogspot.com/2008/02/have-and-not-to-have-3rd-kid.html.

Why I am in the same dilemma again, since I have made the decision in Feb 2008?

1. Kinda relax and free now, as my youngest is already 3 years old. Hubb and I have more time to enjoy our life now. So I start to dig out some problem for him and myself.
2. Feel a bit incomplete in life, since I haven't had a son for Chow's family yet.
3. Scare that I'll regret in future when my age is too old to get pregnant.
4. Keep looking at people's babies and drooling to have mine.

However, I'm still bother with some stupid but real concerns.

1. Scare to get fat and scare to repeat the slimming processes. It is not easy for me to lose weight. Already 3 years, I still have 2 kg to lose to achieve my perfect weight.
2. Scare to lose my comfortable lifestyle now. We can travel and do a lot of things with my toddlers in the weekends.
3. Scare to repeat the diaper, night feeding, teething, potty train, and other cycles again.
4. The childcare arrangement issues may lead to my decision to stop working. This is a very hard decision, as I need to let go my financial freedom to give my last and fullest care to my last baby.
5. I have been complained a lot on my husband's hectic shift work schedule. I worry that 3rd kid may create additional tension at home.
6. April shows a lot of disagreement on getting her another sibling. We may need to change her mind, in order for her to accept another new sibling. Otherwise, I can foresee a big sibling rivalry in future.
7. Time, space, resource and money concerns. I really envy certain people who can get pregnant without thinking so much, and why I have so many concerns that hold me back. T____T.

Look at these babies, they are the ones have contributed to my dilemma.

Baby Jefferson (Su In's baby).

Baby Hye Chi (Yvonne's baby)

Baby Chloe (Liang Yuan's baby).

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证人The Beast Stalker (December 2008)


Over the weekend, I watched The Beast Stalker 证人with April and May at home. It was the first adult movie that I watched with them. The movie was about one traffic accident brought together the lives of a wanted criminal, a police sergeant, a public prosecutor and her daughter in a dramatic action adventure about friendship, duty, love and hate. Nicholas Tse stars as Sergeant Tong, an officer who inadvertently kills the eldest daughter of public prosecutor Ann Gao ( Jingchu Zhang) after an electrifying car chase. Eventually the wanted criminal in question, Cheung, is brought to justice and Ann makes it her sole purpose in life to convict him. Things take a drastic turn when Cheung hires a professional killer called Hung to kidnap Ann’s youngest daughter with the intention of returning her when the prosecutor drops all charges against him. Tong has been watching from the sidelines and Ann is forced, albeit reluctantly, to put her trust in the man who has all ready killed her other child, Ling’s older sister no less.....
Though, this movie is filled with a lot of violence, I think it is time to let April understand that there are some people with bad intention out there. I want my children to be very cautious and alert when meeting up strangers. At the same time, it is also worthwhile to let them have a look on how a traffic accident may lead to such a disaster and tragic on the mother and the little girl's life later. April and May were so frightened when they saw the little girl being kidnapped and locked. Luckily, it didn't bring any nightmare to them during their sleep, otherwise I definitely had a hard time to calm them down.
This movie is considered as one of the best films of year 2008. It brings fame and awards to the fellow actors in 28th Hong Kong Film Awards(2009).
Kai Chi Liu won the title of the best supporting actor. He plays the role as a former colleague of Tong (Nicholas Tse) fondly known as Master Sun. He supports and assists Tong to locate the hideout of the kidnap.

Also, Nick Cheung won the title of the best actor. He is a professional killer - Hung King who needs to complete his assignment of kidnapping the little girl.

Lastly, the parents have to watch this violent and action movie together with the children. We have to provide narration about the story, so that the children are able to understand the good and the bad of certain characters. It is also a great experience for my children to witness how the little girl dealed with the bad situation when she was kidnapped.
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May 2009

Every year, we have 7 special days to celebrate in May.

1. Labour Day (on 1 May),

2. Wesak day (9 May, in Chinese Lunar Calendar is 15 April),

3. Mother's Day (on 10 May which is the 2nd Sunday in May),

4. Teacher's Day (on 18th May),

5. Our 12th in-a-relationship anniversary (Hubb and I were started in a relationship officially on 11 May 1997),

6. Our 7th official wedding anniversary (the date was 26 May 2002, it was also a Wesak Day for year 2002),

7. My little May 3 years old Birthday (on 27 May).

Dear 老公,you owe me a fine time, fine gift, fine kiss, fine hug, and perhaps a fine dining.

Some other things that happened in the first week of May. My little May was suffering from a sore eye 2 days ago. Her right eyelid was swollen and red until it covered half of her big round eye. She was really "manja" on the first day she had that. She kept asking for hugs from me. So pitiful. I tried my very best to make her feel more comfortable. Here were what I did,

1. I bought and kept the Optrex Eye Lotion in the refrigerator. When it was cold enough, I wet a cotton pad with the Optrex Eye Lotion, then I put it on her eye and left the the cotton pad there for a while. The cooling sensation will reduce the swelling effectively.

2. I fed her some pearl powder which I bought from Chinese medical hall. As hubb has brought her to visit doctor earlier, thus May was also taking 2 types of oral medicines. One was for reducing the swelling and another was antibiotic. Besides, the doctor also prescribed a bottle of eye drops for her. One thing to remember, the Chinese medicine and the Western medicine has to be fed in 2 hours apart.

3. I also bought some dry chrysanthemum ('kek hua' in hokkein) as well. I boiled it, and added it with warm honey. Luckily, she loves to drink the chrysanthemum with honey. My mother in law told me that chrysanthemum is good at cl easing the toxic and clearing heat from the body. I don't know how true it is, but it is definitely good to let her drink more fluid.

On the next day, her sore eye was significantly much better with all my above efforts. *shy*. The right eye was not as swollen as the first day, but it was still appeared to be more pink and slightly smaller than the left eye.

Yeah! I got my Mother's Day card for this year already.
April did it in her kindergarten. At least, I got it in more proper timing this time.

Here I wish all mommies to have a Happy Mother's Day, and to everyone to have Happy Wesak.

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3 days before Mother's Day

I remember this day so clearly, as this was the day that I felt deeply touched and at the same time in-creditability quilt.

My mood was totally spoilt after talking through phone with my husband, after he has sent my 3 year-old daughter to playschool. My husband told me that my children, the 3 year-old big sister and the 1 year-old baby sister were skipping their naps. I am a mother who is very particular on my children's nap time. I really hate seeing them yawning and looking relatively sleepy when I want to read and talk to them in the evening. I definitely wanted to find out who was the culprit for causing two of them to lose sleep.

When we reached my nanny's house, I straight away questioned the nanny that what has gone wrong with my children's routine. She told me that my 3 year-old was the one being very playful and noisy, and caused the baby sister fail to take her nap.

I was so annoyed and impatient to see my 3 year-old girl, who was still in her playschool that time. When I got her into the car after her school had ended, I scolded her for being so naughty in the afternoon, and as the culprit of causing the baby sister to stay awake. Without giving her chance to say anything, I kept on lecturing, "Mommy told you many times already, you must take your nap, and your sister also needs to take her nap. If you cannot sleep, you mustn't make noise, you mustn't be so playful, and you mustn't be so naughty, you know you..........” I even started to use my palm to slap both her tights.

My 3 year-old daughter was just silent, so as the father. I still continued to nag her, "How many time you want mommy to tell you this? Mommy doesn't like you and your baby sister to skip your naps. You must take nap, otherwise.....” Then, my 3 year-old quietly put her hand inside her school bag. I saw her taking out a card, and she said to me timidly, "Mommy, teacher said I have to give you this card.”. I suddenly lost my mind on how to react to her. I was angry at her and she passed me a card. She made the card at the playschool just now, during the time when I was waiting to give her a bad scolding, and also thinking hardly how to punish her later.

After looking at the card closer, my heart was melted at once. It was a card for me; it was my first Mother's Day card. Oh my god! She had been waiting for the school to end. She eagerly wanted to show me her first Mother's Day card. She was looking forwards to my compliments, but .... At the minute I saw her, I had started to blame her.

Why? Why? Why my first Mother's Day card was received in such a bad timing? Who's fault? It was me. It was my fault for not accepting anything out of plan. It was my low EQ for not able to control my own temper. I should blame myself for ruining my 3 year-old daughter's day and my own day. I should have known that I couldn't have anything in control all the time. If I could take a deep breath and let it go, it would be a better evening for everyone.

Since the day, it was only 3 days before the Mother's Day, I learn to forgive the mistakes, I learn to accept the bad, I learn to appreciate the good, I learn to tolerance more, I learn to be patient, I learn to love more and hate less, and I continue to learn…., for you my loved ones.
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