Soup of the week 8

This was another Chinese herbs with lean pork soup. The Chinese herbs were 玉竹 Solomon's Seal Rhizome, 党参 Codonopsis Pilosulae and 红枣 Red Dates.
Basically, all the ingredients have to be washed and tossed. Put everything into slow cooker, add in water and boil for 3 to 4 hours.

Then I was spending my time on the other dishes, steamed egg with lean pork, and Japanese curry with carrot, onion, potato and lean pork. Hehehehe, until here, you may be laughing, why all the dishes were having pork? The answer was simple, I only had pork in my fridge. Lol!

Steps to prepare it:
1. Prepare the minced pork.
2. Scatter a pinch of salt on it, and set aside for making steamed egg later.
3. Slice the lean pork into tiny slices for the Japanese curry.

4. Unseal the Vermont brand Japanese curry. It comes with 12 servings, I used 6 serving for my family of 4.

5. Prepare a bowl of hot water, soak the whole 6 servings of Japanese curry cube inside it.
6. Slightly mix it to make it melt in the hot water.
7. Slice Carrot, Onion and Potato into cubes.

8. Chop garlic.

9. Heat the wok with oil. Put in the garlic, stir fry until it became brown, put in sliced lean pork. Continue to stir fry until the lean pork was slightly cooked. Put in all the veggies and 2 cups of water. Lid the wok for 10 minutes to allow the veggie to become softer.

10. Open the lid and pour in the Japanese curry that was melted in hot water earlier.

11. Cook in the wok until it was boiled.
12. Remove from fire and serve.
13. Beat 4 eggs into a bowl, add in 1 cup of water. Pour the egg on the minced pork, stir well.

14. Steam the egg and minced pork in a wok for 10 minutes.
Overall rating: The soup and steamed egg were conisdered ok only. Japanese curry was really delicious, even April and May love it.
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Mummy's princesses

My girls are just like the rest of the little girls, they want to be a princess, they like to dress up and look beautiful. On normal day, when we were in the rush to go out, they would just look normal and plain.
April likes to wear dress and skirt. She hates wearing pants especially short pants. She always gives me a lot of headaches when choosing clothes for her.
May is a bit cincai type. She won't make a fuss on whatever clothes I want to put on her.

On fine day, I would try to put in more hard work on dressing them up. I would also need to tie their hair and put on some nice hair accessories.
Their most favourite hair accessory was this tiny tiara.

When April saw me putting a lip gross, she also wants to put her Nivea Cherry lip balm.
Both of them are very happy, whenever I said to them that they are my lovely princesses. April always asked me to repeat the statement that she is my princess.
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Happy Birthday to Sasa

Thinking and looking at all my girl friends. Those particularly closer with me one, all pretty pretty belaka. I'm serious. It is my blessing to have good looking friends, as when I go out with them, I will try to look good as well, so that we won't have such big gap in our appearance. Boo hoo!

Louissa is one of my very pretty girl friends. She is a always well looking, well dress, well make-up, well hair-do, well spoken and well manner person.
Picture taken in 2004, we reunited after a year I left both Sasa and Su In in Agilent. Wakakaka.

Picture taken in 2006. I cropped myself out in this pic. I looked really horrible here, as I was so swollen that time in my second pregnancy. See, I try to look my best when I have to be with Sasa, but if I fail, I better don't spoilt the whole scene.

Picture taken in 2008. Sasa, listen. I want to wish you Happy Birthday on 31 August 2009. I wish you to have forever beauty, forever youth, forever wealth, forever health, forever joy and forever peace of mind. Once you are my friend, you forever my friend. I love you.
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C9's retail therapy

I came back to work after taking 2 days off. Checking the email and knowing that there was a fruits fair in the company's cafeteria. We went there just for 15 minutes only, and these were the fruits that I bought for my family. They were Japanese pears, Navel oranges, mangoes, kiwi, dragon fruit, and plums. Full of vitamins.

During lunch time, we went to Japanese food fair at TS. These were the the snacks that I grabbed for my children and myself.
Looking at these snacks, full of fat and calories. I must remind myself must go to aerobic this evening. Aza! Aza!

C9 is like that one, go everywhere also can do the retail therapy.
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Talk 9 - Face mask and H1N1 Flu

Wednesday evening, April went to her Mental Arithmetic (XinXuan) lesson. I needed to go to Tesco for a while, and I had to bring May with me. In Tesco's car park, I briefed May, "There is a virus, it will be inhaled through our noses and got into our body. The virus is very harmful and it kills. So, you have to wear this face mask to go into Tesco.". She nodded. I helped her to put the face mask on. Then, she said something to me. May is originally a soft spoken person, with the face mask on, I could hardly hear her voice. I put my ear closer to her mouth, and I finally heard her.

She said, "Mummy, you go and buy one more face mask for yourself.".

In my heart, I laughed at her thoughtfulness. Immediately, I took out one new face mask from my hand bag and wore it myself. Together, we went into Tesco. My little girl is so sweet.
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A boutique - Anastasia

My ex-colleague Sabrina, she started her own fashion boutique, Anastasia after she has resigned from the company early this year. Recently, she even get her business online. This is her online boutique url http://snowflower79.multiply.com/

We, of course, been directly to her shop to get our eyeing items.
I've got this purple dress top added into my wardrobe.
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Colouring Time

School break started. April has more time for doing colouring. She could put the maths, ting xie, ejaan, and spelling temporary aside for a short while. Since it is a school holiday, I let them work on something more relax like colouring, cycling and other activities. April always has a lot of passion in art.

May has actually tried to follow her jie jie's footstep.

This was the 3 year-old child's colouring work. Have you ever seen a purple kitty, which has yellow and red tail? Or the tail on fire? The people were having blue faces. Hahaha!

April finished coloring this picture, it was from the movie Ratatouille.

Continue with another colouring work in the evening.

This time, Mas was colouring the X'mas tree picture.

At least this time, the human faces, hands and legs were in same yellow color, and the tongue was red.

This was April's favourite character Minnie Mouse.

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Soup of the week 7

This weekend I boiled shark fin melon and sweet corn soup, fried french beans with bacon again, and Japanese tofu with minced pork for my children and hubb.

I'm not going to share how to do this soup anymore, the instruction was similar to Soup of the week 3. I just replaced the watercress with sweet corn only. This soup was tasted really well and sweet.

Instead, I would like to share how I prepared the str fried french beans with bacon, and Japanese tofu with minced pork.

1/4 Teaspoon Salt
1/2 Teaspoon Black Soy Bean Sauce
1/2 Teaspoon Soy Bean Sauce
120ml (1/2 Cup) Water
1 Teaspoon Cornflour

100g Minced Pork
Packet Japanese Tofu, pieced

I deep fried the Japanese tofu first, as it required more oil, and the balance of the oil, I could later utilise for frying the subsequent dishes. This step may require more time to fry the tofu into golden brown color.
Remove and set apart in plate. I have to make a special remark here. Remember not to slice the tofu too thin, the thinner tofu will tend to crack while frying in hot oil. 1cm thickness is good enough.

The remaining oil was scooped out partially. Stir fried grated garlic first, and then bacon until they turned into golden brown.
Put in the french beans and continue to stir fried for another 5 minutes. Add salt for taste.

Remove and spread some meat floss on top before served.

Put in all the remaining oil that have set apart just now. Stir fried grated garlic, and put in the minced pork bit by bit. Continue to stir fry, in order not to let the minced pork stick together. Put in all the seasoning and stir fried until it totally boiled.

Again, the Japanese tofu with minced pork was so dark in color. Don't laugh please, too much dark soy source available at home. I must remember not to put so much next time, mind you.
Overall, the soup was nice and sweet, the Japanese tofu with minced pork was quite salty, the stir fried french beans with bacon was so so only. Still a long way for me to improve my bad cooking skills. Sigh....
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August school break start

I got these new cute hair ties for my two princesses from Shopalot outlet. Though they already have tons of hair accessories. I still couldn't resist the temptation to buy these when I went shopping with my best buddy, Cannie on Saturday.
Saturday evening, my neighbour invited us for her 15 year old daughter's birthday party. Hubb was on shift work, and it was raining. I decided not to bring my two princesses there, partly because of the fear for the H1N1 virus too. I went to the party alone. After having some snacks like my most favourite bubur cha cha, watermelon, chicken wing and fried rice, I also brought back some snacks like sausages and fish balls for my children.
One gentle reminder, while the children are taking sausages and fish balls, please keep a watchful eye on them. We must always remind them to eat slower with smaller bites to prevent choking hazard.

April came back from her Sunday art class. She looked fantastically happy. She showed me her finished art work, at the same time she told me that she got 2 rubber stamps this time from the art teacher. Usually, she only got one stamp. Only excellent work will entitle more stamps.

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No toy for May

May skipped her nap again a few days ago. I have set nap time as a must for them, be it at the babysitter's house or at home. So, apart from skipping the nap, May was also showing multiple tantrums literally on the same day. I told her that she was not entitled for the new toy that I have promised earlier. I purposely gave April a new toy in front of May, just to let them know that, good behavior will be rewarded and bad behavior will be punished.

The punishment was quite bad as well. On that evening, May has no TV, no toy and no story telling, and she has to go to bed right after the dinner. April was happy that May was finally punished, as most of the time, she was the one being punished. She even wrote this on the whiteboard.This is because, I wrote "No TV for April" before when April skipped her nap last time. This jie jie remembered it so well, so she helped me to write "no toy for May", without needing me to ask her for a favour. Don't know should I laugh or cry. T______T.
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The purchase in the month of August

Ever since I got children and set up my small family, I seldom spent the money on the unnecessary items, especially on entertainment. Occasionally, we did go for dining and movie, but that was quite limited expense on this aspect. Besides, I am in IT line, so there are so many sources for us to have access on dramas and songs. I don't want to name it all here. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

The last time I bought the original CD was back in year 2005. It was Daniel Lee's first album. I bought that, it was because I wanted to show my support to him, after voting him to be the Malaysian Idol. The last original VCD was even long long time ago. I bought the Meteor Garden original VCD in year 2002. Since then, I didn't buy any original CD, VCD or DVD anymore. @____@.

This month was a bit different. I bought a MJ's DVD and a MJ's CD. If you are following my blog, you should know the answer why I spent the money on these.
My house has 4 members, 3 were the big fans of the King of Pop. Therefore, it is still worthwhile to invest in his original albums as our collection.

These few evenings, April and May separately whispered in my ear and said that "I like Michael Jackson.". Slap my forehead! Luckily they were using the word 'like' and not 'love'.
Yesterday, when we watched Heal The World MTV and we sang along together. April suddenly corrected me and said, "Mummy, you sang wrongly, 'make it a better day', and not 'make it better day', you always miss out the 'a' one.". She was quite dissatisfied and continued saying, "Michael Jackson was singing the 'a', I'm singing the 'a' also, only you are not singing the 'a'." .Slap my forehead again! She was really studying the lyric.
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