2010 New Year Celebration

I didn't really have any special arrangement of celebration for the New Year. To me, as long as my New Year eve and day were peaceful and happy, I would consider that as my own very best way of celebration already.

On New Year eve, hubb needed to be on duty, April went to stay over at her baby time nanny's place. So, only left May and me at home. The last night of 2009 was more silent than the rest of the nights, as the most talkative April wasn't at home. I watched Count Down Concert live from Astro Jia Yu ch304, while little May was playing on her own toys quietly. She must be missing her jie jie. We didn't wait the clock to strike at 12, and I decided to count down at the bed with May. I knew it was already the time when I heard some firework from the neighbourhood. I guess little May eventually fell asleep when the firework had stopped.

On New Year day, I still sent May to her babysitter's place while April was still at the ex-nanny's house. (p/s: The babysitter took numerous days off when she prepared her son's wedding during Christmas time, so I could ask her to help me taking care of May on New Year.)

Hubb and I went watching the most heart-throbbing film of the year, and also the most eye-popping movie of the decade - AVATAR.The director James Cameron has successfully created a world of his own, which makes me truly feels as if I've been transported into a new world while watching the film. This planet of Pandora is so fascinating that if I were asked to choose between the earth or the Na'Vi, my answer would also be to transfer all my consciousness to my Avatar self. Wakkakakakka! Do I have a choice?
I shed my tear after watching at the corner of the theatre for the 2 hours and 45 minutes long touching story of the strong romance between Jake Sully and Neytiri, the colourful world of the Pandora, and the beautiful nature of the Na'Vi.
Everyone, please listen, AVATAR is a movie that you couldn't ask for more, if you can find 3-D cinema at your place, it is even better. So for those of you who have not seen this yet... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Back from the movie, I took a nap and continued to plot the love story between Jake and Neytiri in my dream.

I have to force myself to return to my reality world when the clock strike 6, and it was time to take May home with me. That's how I spent my New Year eve and day. Boring or not?


  1. Hahaha, who said the Na'vi are ugly creatures then? I think they are the most beautiful inside-out Cameron's creation. Thumbs up!

    By the way, my new year wasn't that peaceful compared to yours ;) G

  2. Yea, Avatar is really an awesome movie!

    i too had a boring new year day.. just sitting at my husband's place, cleaning up the room.. lol

  3. wow, you are good lah. still can paktoh with your hubby to watch movies. i've never been into the cinema since ashley was born...uwawawawawawawawawwaawaw

  4. Yvonne, thanks for telling me this movie is better than 2012.

    Hayley, if it is a happy day, we celebrate everyday. Agree?

    Barb, I guess this is the different for SAHM and FTWM, we can hand over the children to somebody like nanny, and for you, Ashley is tagging along all the time. Everything has pros and cons, right?

  5. hi first time here. had to agree on avatar .. i didn't regret one bit watching it on 3d. its the coolest!

  6. Hi Twin, I am so happy to hear you saying that you like Avatar too.