Beads sewing by girls

The school has reopened for 2 weeks. The girls are back to their daily routine. After dinner, either hubb or me will revise their home works and studies. In order to motivate them to do the homework and revision regularly, I'll allow them to have a short play time after they have done their school work. Since they are only allowed to access computer on weekends, weekdays I'll let them choose their own preference of toys or games.
This evening, they wanted to do the beads sewing.
I can trust April on her skills in sewing the beads. She mixed and matched the beads nicely every time she sewed.
As for May, I didn't expect much from her, but surprisingly she could do it quite well too. Just that the combination was a bit weird.
May was posing with her DIY necklace and ring, while April was searching for her running beads at the back. April's beautiful necklace snapped when I tried to take a picture for her.
Thank God, April has higher EQ now. She wasn't that upset of losing her beads necklace, and she was still able to pose with her ring only.


  1. Lol, who taught April to pose like that? so hiao... hehe :P

  2. your girls are so well behaved and can sit down quietly to make their own accessories. I don't think Ashley would have the patience :)

  3. Hayley, I felt funny too, when I took the picture of her. She is growing up too fast.

    Barb, thanks. This all because I was a stern mother.