An email with sad news

I mentioned about my xiao gu whom joined us for lunch on Christmas eve, and she works as a health care consultant in Australia at April's Two Front Teeth post. She has gone back to Australia on New Year day. She sent me two emails today. One was with the subject FW: "Scratch & Win" syndicates in today's NST", which has an attachment of large PDF file and another one was with the subject Air Purifier.

I was really shocked and also felt deeply sorry for what had happened to my youngest aunt, who came back to homeland for Christmas, visiting friends and relatives and vacation. Please click at the picture below to enlarge it for more details.

I have lost my word for what had encountered by my aunt. I would like to hear your input on this piece of sad news.

This is the attachment that my Xiao Gu's friend sent to her. She got it from NST on 30 Dec 2009. To us, this is so common and it happens almost everyday and everywhere in our country. We are aware of these scams very well from the media, but I don't expect it would happen on someone who is so close to me. My aunt is living in oversea for a long time, and she doesn't keep abreast with all these scams. That's why her ignorant was taken advantage by syndicates and caused her losing thousands of Ringgit.

Today, again I read the same type of news in Chinapress. 3 young Chinese ladies, age from 19 to 24 were lured to transfer about RM16K to the scratch and win salesperson. Syndicates use the same tricks again and again, and also there are people still being cheated to pay a large sum of money, regardless the numerous times the media highlights cases of unscrupulous syndicates or agents.

Not only the children should be warned to watch out of strangers. Adult also need to have high awareness of the syndicates' constantly changed tactics, like 'scratch and win' and the rotating arrow pointing at valuable items including cars. I seek everyone attention to stay away from those involved in unethical sales and report their presence to the police to help eradicate the menace. Don't simply part with your money to the person that you don't know.


  1. I feel sorry for your xiao gu also.. sigh, too many scandals these days.. everyone must be careful...

  2. it is a good sharing for everyone's awareness. i always read the scam from the newspaper, but never thought it would happened to someone so close.

  3. oh dear...sorry to hear this. it's very very common in kl. my hubs and I have been approached by similar people before but we always brush them away because we know those things are scams. i hope your aunt did not part with a large sum of money.

  4. Hayley, Yvonne and Barb, thanks for your comments, please share this news to person that you care, don't let them be the next victim.

  5. Sorry to hear about your aunt being one of the victims of such scams. Last time when I was assigned to an outstation business trip in Penang, I was the one driving and was waiting in my car for my colleague who went into a building to settle his errands. During the waiting period, one CHinese girl tapped on my car window and started telling me this cock-and-bull thing about tearing open some coupon/ticket to see what I won. Knowing about this kind of scam, I told her I'm not interested, but she persisted by saying she can tear it on my behalf! She went ahead to tear it and indeed the prize was a car (can't remember what car!) and continued with her cock-and-bull story. So I told her no, I'm not interested with the prize and that there's no free lunch in this world. She still continued persuading me, so I wound up the car window! She continued tapping and tapping on my window but I ignored her. Finally she gave up (Phew!). Later my colleague came back to my car and said that becos he saw me with those scammers, he dared not go into my car yet although he was already done with his errands!

  6. Alice, thanks for sharing your story with me. I have a comment on your colleague. He in fact should come back to help you, what if you really listen to the sales lady.

  7. Sheoh Yan, I fully agree with you about that colleague of mine's proper course of action. I do admit that in my other aspects of work-related dealings with him, I can sense that he's not a thoughtful person and has some self-centred streak in him. By the way, that time, i had just finished my studies and joined this company (my 1st job), and he's already 50-something years old - old enough to be my father!