Christian Names 1

Christian parents have been selecting baby names after characters in the Bible. Now at the turn of the twenty first century, this ancient tradition reflecting the great Christian heritage is fading away as new fashionable baby names have appeared.

My parents were not a Christian, that's why I didn't have a Christian name until I was in my primary school. Then, I started to find myself a Christian name. In total I actually got myself 2 Christian names, but I didn't use any of them now.

I started to use "Jenny", when I was waiting for my SPM result and I was working as a part time promoter at The Store. Some ex-colleagues whom I knew there still called me Jenny, even I had totally forgotten about this name myself. When I went into the University, "Jenny" was not sounded that good for me. I tried to think of another better name for myself. That time, I was inspired by the elegant redhead Nicole Kidman, she was the then-spouse of the very famous Tom Cruise. So, I called myself "Nicole". Wakakaka. I also want to laugh at myself when I think of it again.

After using Nicole for only a couple of years, I was in the relationship with my then-boyfriend, and he is my now-husband. I also gave my boy friend a Christian name to match with mine. Nicole should be matched with Tom, no la, my sense was a bit better. Nicole was to match best with Nicholas. During the courtship period, my boy friend happily accepted his Christian name as Nicholas. Now, I guess my husband has also forgotten "Nicholas" is who already. Muahahaha.

Before I ended my uni life, and joined the commercial world, I knew I had to find myself a more suitable Christian name. Because when people called me Nicole, I didn't know that they were calling me, and I couldn't response to their callings naturally. Again, I knew Nicole was not suitable for me.

I finally found a simple and easy way to introduce myself to the people whom I first met. "Call me Yan." was the way I used to say to my new colleagues/friends/bosses in company. Yan is my middle name, I will response and adapt faster to this name. I like people calling me Yan. I don't like people call me "Miss Lee" or "Lee". There are tons of Lee every where.

However, it was also something very funny happened with my way of self introduction. I remembered I met with a new Indian friend. I said "Call me Yan.", and she also introduced herself and we shook hands. One fine day, I met her again, she called me very laud and clear "Mee Yen, Mee Yen....". OMG! What the hell she was calling? I said to her, "My name is Yan. Not Mee Yen.". Then only she realised and apologized immediately, "Sorry, I thought your name is Mee Yen, and your sir name is Khor." . We both then burst into a good laugh.

To be continued....
p/s: I still have Christian Names 2 to blog next.


  1. Muahaha, so funny la! Khor Mee Yen!
    anyway, same goes to me, i prefer people to call me york mei or mei, rather than Ong.

  2. wahahahahaha, sheoh yan @ mee yan...nice alias! it happens everywhere, doesn't it? like avery, her chinese name is pronouced si-qi, but our sitter calls her su-qi... for more than 4 years already! she'd knew she pronouced it wrongly and yet still calls her su-qi :S

  3. Hayley and Yvonne, I take this as the biggest joke in my life.

  4. hahahhahahaa..you are really funny lah. since u have so a few christian names, what happened when u meet old friends and they call out to you? Jenny? Nicole? hahhahahahahaha

  5. Barb, no problem now, I am more famous as Yan now. hehehehe.

  6. That's a good one! "Call me Yan" becomes "Khor Mee Yen" Funny, but very logical why that sentence is easily misinterpreted.! ^ ^

  7. Alice, thanks for leaving comments. I love comments. 'Call me Yan' exactly sounded lik 'Khor Mee Yen', couldn't blame my Indian friend also.

  8. Alice, thanks for leaving comments. I love comments. 'Call me Yan' exactly sounded lik 'Khor Mee Yen', couldn't blame my Indian friend also.

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  10. I like your latest Christian Name Yan