Christian Names 2

After having my first born and I was searching for a Christian name for my baby girl. I was so lazy to think, and I knew that my expected due date was in April. I told my husband that I was going to name her April. April Chow sounds like April child. Hubb felt that's perfect, and we both like it. It didn't take us long to decide on it.

Then, we had the second baby girl, the expected due date was supposed to be in early June. June is a nice name too. We didn't even want to waste time anymore. June was a definite Christian name for her. However, my second born was happened 2 weeks earlier than the expected due date. It was still in May. How ah? We had to forget about June and name her May instead.

Some friends have started to ask me, "When to have your June child?" . Good question may not always have an answer one. Be patient.

To be continued....
p/s: Christian Names 3 is coming up next.


  1. ahhh...very lovely names :) Ashley was born in May but I dunno why I name her Ashley. Kinda regret now because we put it in her birth cert, so when in class, she'll be the first or one of the firsts to be called out :( I remember I used to be so scared to be called by the teacher :D

  2. I didn't put their Christian names in the birth certs and mykid cards. My husband is a typical Chinese man. He didn't like to put Christian name in front of his sur name. :(

  3. Oh, my husband (and his side of family) is also the very typical Chinese type - putting English name in front of Chinese name will earn you a frown on the face! But as for my Christian/English name, they won't have anything to say because I'm a Christian myself (but hubby and his side of family are not). So when my little boy was born, there's no English name for him.

  4. Alice, some men are like that. Don't know why. Hehehe.