Christian Names 3

Last Saturday, Yvonne and I worked. Normally working on Saturday is just waste of resource and time, the employees are not productive due to their will power to work is damn low or none on weekends. We were a bit relax that day. While I was checking on the FB, I found a long lost primary and also secondary classmate, Stefanie added me as friend. I told Yvonne that this old friend's Christian name has a history. She found this Christian name Stefanie, because of her great liking in Stefan Edberg, the world's No 1-ranked tennis player in 1990. Please google Stefan's picture and have a better look at him, this good looking tennis player is from Sweden. Yvonne, "Do you know my Christian name also has a history too?".
Me, "What history?".
Yvonne, "I got the name when I came to work here.".
I was shocked at her answer, as I was the first few person whom she worked with when she joined. I still remembered clearly, at that time I was told by her personally that her name was 'Yvonne'.

Yvonne, "Someone, not sure was you or not, asked me 'what is my name?' , I said 'Yee Hua',
may be I spoke too soft, then everyone started to call me Yvonne on that particular day.".
I was laughing non stop and felt the whole thing rather stupid. I was the one who started to call her Yvonne, but I didn't know until last Saturday. I asked her why she accepted this name willingly, without correcting people that was not her name.

Yvonne, "Never mind, Yee Hua sounds like Yvonne. Since I don't have any Christian name, so it is fine for me." .

I slapped my forehead. How could this thing happen? I have been calling her 'Yvonne' for the past 6 years, now only I know she wasn't called Yvonne before I misheard it.

If I only knew her after she has become a mother of 2 kids, I guess she may not be called Yvonne anymore, she will be forever called Yee Hua. I am sure that she has exercised her voice control enough now, because she needs to adjust to the right volume when talking/yelling/lecturing/nagging at her kids day and night.


  1. Hahaha, this one is really very funny.. but anyway, Yvonne is a nice name also la...

  2. lol, i almost forgotten abt Yvonne's history until that day u mentioned your friend's history.

  3. My Christian name don't really have any special history. I love "Louis" because it's the name of heirs for King of France....

    Shhhh.....我的骨子里是男人哟 :P

    In order to make my favourite name sound more feminine; I added "sa" as suffix to "Louis". Here is how my Christian name came from.

  4. Hayley, you find it funny also? hahaha.
    Yvonne, I was totally unacceptable that was because of my hearing error. It should be your speech error.
    Sasa, Louissa is a very feminine and sexy name. I like it.

  5. muahahahahahhaa...funny funny. Poor, poor Yvonne. However I think this name suits her too ;) You know what? My dad named me Barbara when I was born ...after his fav singer. Guess you know who right?

  6. Hi Barb, who is the singer? I tried to google but still no idea. Let me know who ok?

  7. Haha....I can't help chuckling after reading this story! So conclusion is that misheard or misspoken names breed new Christian names! ^ ^

  8. Alice, I still couldn't accept that it was my error and created the Christian name for her. I just remember that I was the one annoucing her new name to everyone, and everyone was happy that they could remember and call this new hire's name easily.