CNY costume

In China people ring in the New Year with Chinese New Year Costume. From cleaning their houses, paying off debts, painting their doors and window panes to purchasing new year clothes and even getting new haircuts.
>> Being a kiasu person, I have done all the above. What about you?

The Chinese New Year is a hub of activity. These activities represent new life and new beginnings. Chinese New Year Costume actually reflects a long and complex interaction between elegance and tradition. According to the Chinese tradition a graceful costume is the only means to showcase the elegance of a human body. Chinese New Year Costume reminds people of that age old tradition. In many parts of china people wear traditional costumes on the New Year's Day and greet their parents and grand parents. This is a simple yet a thoughtful way to unify the family ties.

Chinese New Year Costume for women ranges from cheongsams, qipaos, mandarin blouses to jackets and pants.

For men, Mandarin shirts with Mandarin collars, Dragon shirts, Kung Fu suits & Chinese coats are some of the famous Chinese New Year Costumes.

The Chinese New Year Costume conveys the true essence of an immortal line "A garden full of the beauty of spring can not be prevented from being enjoyed."
>> source from here.

While we were shopping at TESCO, April saw the children CNY costume. She was asking me to buy one for her. I said no, because the CNY costume is not practical. This type of costume is only nice to wear on CNY, and it may look funny on other functions. Besides, the silk type of material is also too hot to wear in our country.

In my conversation with Yvonne this morning, it has given me a chance to change my mind completely. She said her husband thought that the CNY costume is only cute to wear when they are still small, and not that they have grown up. It sounded logic to me.

Hence, I rushed to Giant at my lunch time. I was so lucky to find the last 2 pieces of little girl cheongsams, and they were exactly in my princesses' sizes. They were meant to be my happiest purchase today. Only at RM13 per piece, and the material is thin enough to wear in the hot weather.

After letting my two princesses put the cheongsam on, they like it so much until they refused to take it off. I needed to scare them that the cheongsam will tear if they wear it to ride their cars, then only they let me take the cheongsam to wash.


  1. April and May look pretty with their cheongsam.. what about you? thinking to get one for yourself? :)

  2. I can't help agreeing with Yvonne too that Chinese traditional costumes look cute for young children. After all, if the costumes don't cost too much, why not adorn them with such beautiful costumes first before they become too old for that? :-)

    By the way, the cheongsams look very good on your daughters and RM13 per piece is considered cheap. I too bought one boy CNY suit for my son from Giant also, for RM10! Unfortunately, he was reluctant to try it on, don't know why he sees the suit as something so scary!

  3. Hayley, good question. I am thinking to have one for myself. Still looking for a good and reasonable one. Any recommendation?

    Alice, I purposely find the cheapest price and thinnest material. So, if they just wear for one time, it is still worth the value.

  4. RM13 is really cheap and practical. kids out-grown of their clothes very fast, so i'd like to make full utilization of my purchases.

    pink brings out april's completion, while red looks so sharp and outstanding on may. both your princesses look so pretty in their cheongsam.

  5. Hmm, i saw many nice cheongsams at the boutique opposite Yu Yan Sang, Tesco Taiping, exactly like those i saw at Gurney Plaza. quite nice and its RM 99.90, RM 50 cheaper than the one i bought last few weeks =_=

  6. Yvonne, so when are you going to buy one cheongsam for Avery and one samfu for your Hye Chi?

    Hayley, thank you, I will go there to check it up.

  7. very nice qipao and so cheap too! We usually let ashley wear the qipao or sam foo during the first day of cny. my dad would get it for her every year from HK :D

  8. your girls look so pretty wearing them. i like the colours too :D

  9. Barb, this is the first time, they have qipao. So good that Ashley got to wear qipao on every 1st Day of CNY. I am going to let them wear on the 1st day of CNY too.

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