CNY house decoration

Another 2 more weeks, most Chinese are celebrating the traditional Chinese New Year, and the celebration will last for fifteen days. One of the ways you can celebrate the Chinese New Year is by adorning your home with traditional Chinese decorations. Have you started to decorate your house for this big day? Hubb was a bit in advance this year, he started to work on the CNY decoration on the weekend.
We threw away the old lanterns and bought a new lanterns, as the old one was not functioning anymore.
The decorations centered on the animal of the year which represents the year. This has been the tradition for many years and is still practiced on this Chinese New Year. We pasted a wind chime, Gong Xi Fa Cai 春联, a pair of Tigers crafted papers.
Hubb wasn't alone in his decoration job.
My neighbour was also there decorating his house. It was quite funny to see both of them climbing up and down the ladder and busy in their work.
The red curtain (红彩) was hung up together with some newly bought lights tangled down the sliding gate.
It looked like the W alphabet here. W is for Wealth, Huat ah! (发啊!) lol!
This part was like the Christmas tree. Anyway, these were all Hubb's brilliant and creative ideas.(Must give him some credit and praise him a bit one! Otherwise next year he doesn't want to do.)
Night view from inside the house. These 2 new lanterns were very beautiful.
Nigh view from outside the house.
Lastly, I have got myself ready with a fresh and new hair style to celebrate this big celebration. Here is the picture of my new hair cut and new hair color.


  1. The lights look more like Christmas decor to me.. lol..
    but your decorations are all very nice ;)

  2. such a warm cny mood in your house to welcome the year of tiger. my hubs is not very keen for decoration, hence it's just plain boring.

  3. Hayley, my husband also said that. More like Christmas decor then CNY one.

    Yvonne, I also quite surprised to see him so keen this year.

  4. Nice CNY deco you have! As for me, since I'm still staying with in-laws, doing CNY deco is not applicable to us. Anyway, my in-laws won't do any CNY deco. Even if they do, it's only those very simple paste-on-the-wall type and hanging the paper pineapple/lantern.

  5. wow, very nice decor. we don't put up the lights...just hang some lanterns and other ang ang things :D hey, i like your new hairstyle. what did your hubs say?

  6. Alice, some simple decoration will also add some New Year spirit in the home. Right? A bit is also better then none.

    Barb, we put up the light only this year. Previous years, we also only have lanterns and ang ang things nia! My husband said "Told you to cut short short long ago, now only listen ah!"