Dinner and Karaoke 2

I want to write about Jin Yu Man Tang restaurant also feel a little bit funny, as I have been to the same place for dinner 3 times within a month. Until the waitress also asked me to sign up for their member card and get 10% on my next trip.

1. My first visit is here.
2. My second visit is here.
3. We went there again on last Saturday, we ordered: Superior soup spinach.
Deep fried prawn with salted egg.
Home made fu yong beancurd.
Garupa fish and fish sliced sweet and sour.
First time I was there with colleagues, second time, I were there with just my family of 4, and third time, I were there with April's baby time nanny and her youngest daughter, Cassie.
April again, sang MJ's "You are not alone.". May was too shy to sing as she was not familiar with April's nanny and Cassie.
That evening, Cassie and me were the main singers. We sang most of the time until our voice was nearly coarse.
Finally, Aunt Siew Ru took over the mic and sang a few of Teresa Tang's songs and let us rest a while.
Hubb was downed with mild fever, sore throat, cough and flu that evening. So he only picked up mic after everyone was really tired of singing.
The room had free WIFI, we could keep the children busy with the laptop. The children get to play online game while the adult were singing K.
Little May was waiting for her turn to have access on the computer.
p/s: Specially for my hometown friends, if you want to go to Jin Yu Man Tang Restaurant or Rex Box, you can have my membership card anytime, which can allow you to enjoy the 10% discount on the food, and as well as the Karaoke.


  1. Kekeke, 3 times in a month. Worth for the food and free K :D
    When are we planning to go again? CNY?

  2. wow, i can tell you really like this place :D hey, your little singer is really a karaoke queen....like her mommy :D

  3. Yvonne, now I have the memebership, so, should plan more trip to utilise my card.

    Barb, she has picked up a few more songs from singing K already.

  4. Ooooohhhh......talking about computers, my little boy at 1 year 8 months old is already addicted to watching DVD on my laptop! Everytime I come back home from work, he will point at my laptop bag before I could even put my handbag, bag and laptop bag down!

  5. Alice, nowadays the kid's life is so luxury.