Flower Four

What I have been up? I have not got enough sleep for the past 4 nights. Why? All because of these 4 well build, young and good looking boys from Korean. All started when I watched 1 or 2 episodes on TV8 during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Thanks Hayley for getting the BOYS BEFORE FLOWER DVD again from her husband and passing to me. Why AGAIN? She lent the DVD to me quite some time ago, but I was not interested in the drama at that moment and thought myself having no time for it. In order not to keep people thing for too long, I returned to her.
8 years ago, I totally lost myself in my own fantasy island when watching Meteor Garden. This is the first Taiwan drama that I have watched up to 3 times, and I am still thinking of watching it again after I have finished watching the Korean Boys Before Flower. By the way, after spending 2 hours from staying up from 11pm to 1am for the continuous 4 nights, I still have 14 episodes to go. Means I need another week to suffer from dizziness when at work. My dizziness will be automatically gone when the clock strike 11pm.
Lee Min Ho played the role as Gu Jun-Pyo, the lead of the F4. The same role which was by Jerry Yan in Meteor Garden.
Jerry Yan was making me go crazy in year 2002, when I was just newly wed and I had no kids . Thus, I have a lot of time and space to go MAD in the drama.
Lee Min Ho vs Jerry Yan, both look quite alike in fact. Will Lee Min Ho my new love? Wait and see, I will tell you soon.
p/s: Lee Min Ho is very charming. His smile is very cheeky and cute. So far I like him the best in this Korean drama.


  1. Thats the power of good looking guys... causing our friend Yan burning the midnight oil and sleep so late.. haha..

  2. hahaha, i know how the addiction feels like - no stopping even if the world is going to end!

  3. wow, they are good looking. i was flipping channel last nite and saw this flower drama. i didn't watch it though because i don't like dubbed dramas eventhough the actors are very handsome :(

  4. I agreed with you Barb. That's why I asked for the DVD in original sound track from my friend.