Handmade bracelets for girls

I got myself a handmade bracelet as my Christmas gift from My Little Closet, and I blogged about it here. Barbara from mommy to chumsy left me a link of more handmade bracelets in the comment.
Yvonne and myself spent some time browsing through Mom's Little Treasure Box. We both decided to have Dinah, the blog owner and also a mother of 2, who enjoys working on jewelery from home, to customise bracelets for our princesses. We just told her that we wanted something girlie, pink and lovely. Thus, she made use of materials like Stainless Steel enamel charms, pewter charms and findings.
The first 2 rows were for April and May, and the last row was for Avery.
When I reached home with my two princesses. Hubb handed the parcel for me.
The bracelets were nicely wrapped. 2 thumbs up!
April was anxiously waiting for me to unwrap it. She was first wearing it on her right hand. Later on, papa suggested to shift the bracelet to the left hand, because he didn't want the bracelet to cause distraction while April is writing her homework. Hubb always has more sensible thought when come to thing like this.
After going to school, May is getting thinner. May be she lacks of sleep in the morning.
Well, she needs to wear the bracelet as the anklet at the moment.


  1. i havent let avery wear the bracelet yet. trying to hide from her (as long as possible) and reward her as .... perhaps, motivation gift? haha...

  2. Alice, RM 25 each.

    Yvonne, you are right.

  3. ahh...very nice charms :D you didn't get any for yourself?

  4. Barb, may be next round. :)

    Dinah. You are so great.

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    Thanks for sharing.

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