Homemade CNY Cards

Chinese New Year is right around the corner and a great way to celebrate is with homemade greeting cards. You're not Chinese? No problem! Learning about and appreciating other cultures is a lot of fun. So surprise your friends and family with some custom greeting cards for the Chinese New Year. Creating CNY cards can be an activity for the family.
April and May enjoy doing handcraft a lot. I remembered I had some left over pink color card stock. I dug out the card stock and cut them into 2 folded cards. One for each of them to create a CNY greeting card for my sister in Ipoh and also for my Xiao Gu in Australia.

April and May used a shape puncher to form the butterfly and train shapes craft papers from the recycled red packets. Then, they glued the craft papers on the front page and back page of the card.
Using the scissors to cut the Chinese Symbols and Flowering Plum tree from the recycled red packets as well. Having the children to glue the cut out papers onto the inside of the card. Let the children draw some oranges or any picture they liked, color the drawing with colored pencil, and then stick the drawing inside the card.

The card design is fairy easy and simplified for younger children. The last step is to have the children write their names and greetings in the card.

Put the finished custom design card in a pink envelope. Seal it with a kiss. Write the receiver's address at the envelope. Paste a stamp and post it out in the post office.

Step 1. Chose the paper for your card. I chose card stock for this design. You can use other types of paper as long as it isn't too thin or absorbent.

Step 2. Draw, color, stamp, cut and glue assorted Chinese Symbols or flowers. You can also write a Chinese New Year poem that you know.

Step 3. Write the receiver's name, sender's name and greetings inside the card.


  1. wow, very nice and creative. their chinese writing is very good :)

  2. Barb, thanks. Just creating the card for fun and my children enjoyed it.

  3. nice card and very cost effective. i'm going to let avery start doing her custom card too =)

  4. Will get my little boy to do it when he's much bigger....something to occupy him and get him busy.