I am sorry

Just now, when I went to fetch my two daughters back from school, and sent them to their babysitter's house. On the way back to work again, I hit a stray cat that walked across the street. I thought it would have seen my car and run away, but I felt the "thump" under my car and when I looked it my rear view mirror the cat was still moving. I kinda panicked and kept on driving. I didn't stop and go back for it. I didn't know what to do.

NOW I FEEL TERRIBLY AWFUL! I really do. I regret not stopping to help the poor thing! I APOLOGIZE TO MY GOD, AND ESPECIALLY TO THE POOR CAT! I M AM SO SORRY! MY CONSCIENCE IS KILLING ME! AGAIN I AM SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should have went back for it and really regret it now. It was an accident and I never meant for it to happen! I don't know what to do now or how to deal with it.

I admit that I was wrong, that's why I blog it here.

p/s: I promise to everyone that I'm going to be extra careful not to hit a cat/dog in future. I always stop for them to pass by, and if they hesitate, I will honk to let them pass the street.


  1. Oh this is too bad!! i always feel pitiful for those cats which hit by cars on the road.. :(
    but its an accident and you dint mean it.. hopefully that cat is ok....

  2. hit and run case.... lol

    i'm not trying to look mean here, but what if you were trying hard to avoid the road crossing cat and ended up driving towards the incoming car? i think the impact is worst ... *sound like the cat deserves to die* :(

    No, what i mean is, there's a reason for everything to happen. both parties are on the lose side when accident happens.

  3. Hayley, I feel really bad too. I could have avoided to hit the cat.

    Yvonne, what you said is making sense too. Life is priceless, be it animal or human. I took this as my lifetime lesson now. It must be a reminder for me to drive carefully and not to hit anything unnecessary.

  4. don't feel so bad. you didn't do it on purpose.

  5. Barb, I sad because I know that I could have the chance to avoid hitting it, but I didn't.

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  7. be careful & vigilant next time.

  8. Ken Hin, thanks for dropping by, I will bare your advice in mind whenever I drive.

  9. I know the corrosive guilt you felt. It was an accident. As long as you had sought forgiveness from God, He would have forgiven you. Be careful next time !

  10. Shireen, I take it as a good reminder for me forever. Hit and kill life which is not harmful to us making me feel very bad.

  11. I can understand your guilty feelings. I felt like that too long time ago when I was a child (about 7 or 8 years old). I used to ride my bicycle at the back lane of my parents' house in the evenings and there were a lot of stray cats. There was once a kitten (mind you!) who crossed my bicycle's path and suddenly I had a naughty idea to go over that kitten. I managed to go over it, the kitten quickly ran accross the backlane to hide and immediately after doing such a cruel thing, i felt so bad and guilty and promised myself never to do such thing again. It was like when I hadn't done it, I didn't feel anything, but when did it already, I felt so bad and guilty of being so cruel. As of now, 23-24 years later after this incident, whenever I think of it, I still do feel guilty and sorry for that poor kitten, though I hav to admit the guilty feeling was much, much stronger back then. Time heals all wounds and regrets. The only difference between my case and yours is that you didnt do it on purpose, whereas mine was on purpose. So you shouldn't feel too guilty about it. Cheers!

  12. Alice, though I didn't do it on purpose, I still feel quilty, because that time was no car at the back, I should have stopped for it, and I was not in a rush as well. I just couldn't understand why I didn't honk, and I didn't slow down my car.