Juice: Cucumber

I told you before I am interested in whatever can promote weight loss and healthy skin. Cucumber is one of those food. One long and thin cucumber in the morning as my healthy and low calories breakfast.
Hubb was more hardworking then me. He juiced the cucumber with some green apples and let me bring to office today. This was all because he doesn't want to be blamed by me on my weight gained. I skipped a few yoga and aerobic lessons last week because hubb was away for the on job training, and no one was around to help me to watch my children. That's why I needed to stay at home to watch them myself. No exercise for 1 whole week, that make me only have input and no output at all. So, the cucumber and green apples juice was my compensation.

The Many Health Benefits of Cucumbers
In the culinary world, cucumbers aren’t given the respect they deserved. Relegated to salads and pretty garnishes, cucumbers are frequently an afterthought; but when it comes to health, cucumbers pack a powerful punch. This is one green vegetable that deserves a second look.

What are the health benefits of eating cucumbers?
They’re good for re-hydration
Cool cucumbers are a refreshing treat on a hot summer day. Not only are they crisp and delicious, but their high water content makes them excellent for replacing fluids lost through sweating. Eating foods with a high water content such as cucumbers is one way to protect against summertime dehydration and heat exhaustion.

They’re the perfect low calorie food
Cucumbers are the perfect food for anyone trying to lose a few pounds. One medium cucumber has only forty-two calories and is quite filling due to its high fiber content. Cucumbers dipped into a low-fat, creamy dip is a quick and easy, guilt-free snack that won’t end up on the waistline.

They help to control blood pressure
Cucumbers are a good source of potassium and magnesium that help to control blood pressure. Studies have shown that diets high in these important minerals helps to lower blood pressure. Some sources recommend drinking a daily cup of cucumber juice to help control blood pressure. The drawback? You’ll miss out on the heart-healthy fiber found in the skin of the cucumber when it’s juiced. Cucumber skin is also a good source of silica which helps to maintain healthy connective tissue.

Vitamin Content
Cucumbers are a good source of the antioxidant vitamins A and C as well as folate. Folate is particularly important during pregnancy as it helps to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in the unborn baby. Folate also may reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering levels of homocysteine.

Cucumbers aren’t good just for eating. Cool cucumber slices laid over tired, swollen eyes helps to reduce water retention and puffiness. This is thought to be due to the caffeic and ascorbic acids cucumbers contain.

To get the maximum health benefits of eating cucumbers, it’s best to eat them unpeeled because the outer skin is a good source of fiber and minerals. Conventional cucumbers may be waxed and have pesticide residues on their skin which can be difficult to remove, so it’s safest to buy organic. The next time you’re shopping for veggies, don’t forget about the many health benefits of cucumbers!

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  1. Cucumber and green apples... hows the taste??

  2. yeah, i'd like to know the taste too.... i have tried carrot + green apple juice and pure cucumber juice. i still prefer tomatos while my hubs likes cucumber

  3. Yvonne and Hayley, cucumber and green apples taste really good. The taste is fresh and sweet. I like it.

  4. wow, you are really healthy. good to stay healthy but you are so slim...no need to lose weight anymore :D