New bubble guns

Little May first went to school in November last year, as I registered her for the holiday enrichment class which was held by current kiddy. I didn't expect her to show any rejectionl to return school after the long holidays, as she was very excited on her first day to school. There were some new students cried on the first week at school. Thus, May's mood was seriously impacted by the classmates as well. One of the mornings, when I was in the office, FIL called and told me that May was crying when she was about to enter the class, because she saw some of the students crying and their parents were there pacifying the crying children. In order to stop her from crying again in the school on the subsequent days, I promised her that I was going to bring her to the toy shop and she got to choose the toy she liked, if she could really withold her tear.

This worked. She didn't cry on the following day, and they both got a new bubble gun from the toy shop.
These bubble guns have better design and a few advantages. The solution bottle can be screwed tight to the gun, so that there was no dripping on the floor and caused no waste on the solution too. They are easy to be handled by the children.
The disadvantages of these bubble guns were consuming to much of batteries and too much of solution. Thus, we need to have a lot of batteries and bubbles solution standing by at home.
Another update which is not relevant to the title of the blog. I actually keep track of May and April's growth chart constantly. April is showing a positive result in her growth, but May isn't that good. Her weight is stagnant for about a year. We only noticed her growing taller, but no change in her size so far. I wasn't that worried at first, as she drank 3 times milk and ate 2 times main meals regularly. Nevertheless, there were some people making a remark on her skinny body lately. May be she is getting taller, or may be due to the lack of sleep in the morning after going to school, she looks significantly thin now. I couldn't relax and feel no pressure anymore. We bought a small tin of Pediasure, and started to let her take it as her night time feeding. She managed to finish the 200ml (5 scoops of Pediasure) on the first night. Her milk bottle was still on the sink at the back. We really hope to see her gaining some weight soon.


  1. my dad bought the same bubble gun for avery after i heard your review. she loves it so much and requests to play with it every minute - yes, even at night!

    and not to worry about May's physical. she has been taken care & fed well. i believe she is catching up soon.

  2. Yvonne, may be should be so stress, as long as the children are healthy, weight doesn't really matter ho?

  3. Ashley's weight has been stagnant too....hovering around 14kg for more than a year. However she's growing taller. This makes her very skinny too. I used to give her dugro and pediasure but now, decided to just give her pediasure. Hopefully her appetite will increase and she'll gain weight :)

  4. Barb, children are hard to gain weight, but we adult are so hard to lost weight. Haizz....

  5. As for my son, the peditrician recommended him to take Pediasure. His weight gained a little only, and he seems to get taller but not chubbier (just like your daughter). Some months later, doctor's check still indicated that he's underweight. I'm kind of worried about that, but I have already done all I can to get him to eat more solid food (he's a picky eater). Finally, I decided that I shouldn't worry myself too much on that because he doesn't seem to fall sick easily even though his weight gain is stagnant.

  6. Alice, thanks for your valueble input, i agree with you.