Soup of the week: Yacon

I didn't know that January is the month to commemorate soup, which is celebrated annually in the United State until I read it here.

If you are following me, you would know that I have been quite some time that I didn't blog about the soup of the week. It was not because I didn't boil soup anymore. I still boil soup on every weekend, but I kept boiling the same type of soups that I have blogged before. I have run out of idea on what soup to boil. Could you please kindly provide me some soup recipes? Anyway, I boiled Yacon with port meat soup last Sunday. Ingredients: 100g Yacon, 150g pork, 10 to 15 dried longan and about 10g of wolf berries. The yacon soup tasted sweet and yummy.

Please click here for the health benefits on Yacon.

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