Talk: I kick and I push

Last few days news headline reported a 4 year old little girl was killed by the falling 21 inches TV from the TV cabinet, while she was dancing in front of the TV. Yvonne has also blogged about it here.

At night, I told my 2 daughters about the news and I tried to exaggerate the story a little bit more, with the intention to scare them away from playing too rough or running around in front of the TV.

April is mature, she comprehend the moral of the story very well.
Whereas, my little May gave me a shocking feedback.
She said,"If the TV falls on me, I will kick it with my legs, then I will push it with my hands.".
I totally lost my word. T____T.


  1. Barb, I just told her the TV will flatten you, before your legs and hands can reach it.

  2. Hahaha....May is still very innocent :-)