Yacon (雪莲果)

Many times, the vegetable seller promoted Yacon(雪莲果) to me. I never thought of buying it, as I didn't try it before. Until his wife mentioned to me that Yacon is very beneficial for the skin. I am interested in almost everything which is effective for the weight loss and healthy skin. So, please don't be stingy to tell me, if you know anything which I still don't know. lol!
I finally bought 100gram of Yacon, which cost me RM8. Good thing never cheap one!
After it was skinned, the flesh looked something like apple. When the flesh exposed to the air, it will become brown.
I chopped one of them in pieces and ate them raw. I wanted to seeCheck Spelling whether my skin got more beautiful on the next day after swollowing the RM4 Yacon in my stomach.
I kept one for cooking soup with pork this coming weekend. When it is eaten raw, it tasted a bit like water chestnut. I will tell you whether it is tasted good when it is used to boil soup.
Health benefits of Yacón
What is Yacon to begin with? Yacon, a potato-like vegetable, is found over in Peru where it originated from. Besides improving digestive health, it does a lot more. Read on to find out!
The yacon root has at a lot of water, up to 90 percent. There are some proteins and lipids that are also present within it. It is also high in a sugary substance known as oligofructose. The body does not break this sugar down as it would other sugars. So for a person who is diabetic to eat of this root, would not have a rise in blood sugar.
Yacon contains the vitamins A, C, and E. All three of these vitamins are immune system boosters.
Yacon can also lower your blood pressure by about 5 or maybe even 10 percent. It has also shown some properties to lower the formation of harmful blood clotting and can lower cholesterol levels.
There are people that have used yacon as a weight loss aid. This is partly due to the fact that yacon acts as an excellent colon cleanser for the body, and flushes out impurities. This root has been known to help the gut since it also known to be a bit of a colon cleanser, cleaning out the colon section of bad bacterias.
Yacon is also liver protecting.This is because it also contains antimicrobial properties. When something has antimicrobial properties, it means that the antimicrobial substances kill harmful bactrias. If you dry out the yacon roots outside where the sun is shining, you will get from this, a sweeter taste. The yacon root does not really have too many varieties. The flesh of the root is either a white or yellow color. In Peru where yacon originates from, this is perhaps where other variations of this root is located.
Yacon is not bad in calorie counts. In fact, it contains less calories than honey. The yacon syrup is known as a prebiotic. A prebiotic is what helps the good bacteria inside of the colon, and in turn your immune system is given a healthy boost.
Yacon tea leaves have also shown to help those diseases that are artery-damaging such as arteriosclerosis. Drinking a cup of the tea with yacon leaves help to reduce artery clogging plaque. And last but not least, yacon may help the bones in an indirect way. That is, it helps the body to absorb calcium and magnesium much more, thus improving bone health.
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  1. Good tips of sharing. I'll try to get myself a yacon someday :)

  2. Hmm, i never came across such fruit. and it does looks like potato.. will try it someday..

  3. Yvonne and Hayley, I saw this fruit a few times, and not dare to buy. When the lady said good for skin, then I decided to buy. It tasted not bad la!

  4. oh how come i miss this post yesterday?? you really made me laugh about wanting to check if your skin is more beautiful after consuming rm4 of yacon. so, how is? any improvement?

  5. Barb, thanks for coming back to this post again. You are the best.
    I have yet to see any improvement in my skin, but it really works well in cleasing all the toxic from body, as I went to toilet twice after consuming it.

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  9. I saw before and thought it was sweet potatoes. Bought some at RM8 a kg. Regret did not buy more. Tastes very nice

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