Birthday Dinner at Hotel Flemington

I could have opted for a fine dining with my husband on my birthday, but I suggested to have the dinner at Hotel Fleming Chinese Restaurant with my family and my PIL. Since CNY hasn't over, I would like to invite both my PIL for another special dinner to show my gratitude to them for cooking us meals, fetching my daughters to school, and showering us with their concern and care.
I tried to dress up as it was my birthday, but I still looked a bit tired here as it was after a long tiring workday.
Thanks to Hayley, Yvonne and Lorita for their gifts.
They bought me the big round shining earrings and the snake skin printed bangles were the best accessories for the night.
Everyone were enjoying the steamed peanuts as the appetizer, before the main course was served.
Poon Choi (盆菜).
Frying noodles (寿面).
4 adults and 2 children were trying so hard to finish the poon choi and noodles. At the end, we
had to take away the unfinished noodles.


  1. You look nice with the dress!
    glad that you like the gifts.. ;)

  2. glad you like those presents. no doubt you were very outstanding that night :) although you were tired. i have yet to try out poon choi.... looks yummy~

    btw, May is so cheeky in the last photo =p

  3. oh boy, the food sure look delicious. though you look tired but you still look gorgeous on your birthday :D

  4. Hayley, Yvonne and Barb, thanks.

  5. Nice and sexy dress you're wearing! And mouth-watering food too!

  6. Happy belated birthday Sheoh Yan. You look good in that sexy halter neck dress. Hey, you really dont need to loose any more weight!