Outdoor play for the children

Today, children are sitting in front of video games and TV most of the time. These are not health beneficial. Being out doors helps our children to become active, and also allow the children sleep better, because they are physically worked out and exhausted after the outdoor played.

Playing outside is a valuable activity for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. In many ways it promotes their development. Outdoor play time also allows children to move freely and make noise, forms of self-expression that are often restricted indoors.

Too often these days we are afraid to allow our children to play outside. There are so many dangers waiting around every corner. Just be close by to make sure no injuries or accident occur. I know as a working parent it is very hard to make sure your kids get out side daily. To be honest, my children spent not that much time outdoor. Husband and I try our best to bring them outdoor on weekends.

Besides all this, playing outdoors reduces stress in kids. Children allowed to play freely with peers learn skills for seeing things through another persons perspective, cooperating, sharing, and solving problems.

The fact remains our children need as much as we did, the freedom to feel the wind on their cheek. The kiss of the sun, and engaging in self-paced play. Cycling around the park or the housing garden is also considered as a type of outdoor activity.
After sweating under the sun, my children will have better appetite for dinner.
We are happy to see the children laughing, running, chasing and playing actively on the field.
Tossing and catching ball are also a way of improving the children's coordination.
Joining the children in the outdoor play will also help me to burn some calories which I stocked in my body.


  1. it's great to have some fun outdoor. i too seldom let avery out from the house because there's a lot of hazzard nowadays. i'm a typical kiasi mother. but after reading your points, i'm going to let down my guard a little and try to find time for those activities.

  2. yeah it is a lot of fun to play outdoor. wish we have more time to bring the kids out to play eh? i remember cycling around my neighbourhood or going to the playgrounds with my friends when i was a kid but i don't think i'll let ashley do that now. it is so unsafe :(

  3. can april cycles without stabilizer? outdoor activity is good only if the air quality is good