Children CNY costumes 2010

Back to work from CNY holidays, I still lack of the enthusiasm to blog. I have so many photos before and during CNY celebrations. I just couldn't find the right mood to blog. All blame to the toughest assignment that I get from b*#s a few weeks before CNY. It spoilt all my mood for blogging, as I still can't complete 50% of the assignment now. I have to force myself to complete it by hook or by crook, but I can't commit the timeline, who ask me to get paid?

Every CNY I would invested quite a number of CNY costumes for my princesses. My princesses love wearing dresses. So, this year, I only bought them dresses.
On CNY day 1, both my princesses were wearing their qi pao, which I had written about here. I wore a new red dress. Even, my husband also purposely went and get himself a red Polo T with blue straps. April and May received numerous compliments on that day. Notice my fringe is red too? Red is for Huat ah! Wakakakak!
On CNY day 2, Pa Pa bought them these fashionable dresses from Tesco. April and May chose these dresses themselves. Price was at RM35 each.
I also got them a pair of new pajamas to wear on CNY's eve.
I forget to snap photos on CNY day 3, this was the dress that they wore on CNY day 4.
I need to warm up my brain engine a bit, and I foresee I will be quite busy with the toughest assignment in the year of Tiger. But, I promise I will update my blog weekly if time allowed. Please don't give up on my blog so soon. Ok?


  1. I like the 1st photo of you and family.. very sweet and nice...
    and by the way, keep blogging! :P

  2. nice fashion show, kekeke....
    no worry, i ll encourage you to blog more :D aza..aza..

  3. waaaah..really many nice clothes for the new year :) this year i didn't buy a lot for ashley. no mood leh.

    hey yan, i think you look really good in those sleeveless dresses you wore on the first day of cny. i always envy those who can wear dresses like that :)

    don't worry, i will be visiting your blog everyday to see if you got any updates or not :D don't give up :D

  4. Hayley, Yvonne and Barb, you ladies are great reader. I can go on with you and your comment of course. Thanks.

  5. I think it's really a great pleasure and joy for every parent to see their little ones wear new baju the parent bought for them. I also love to see my son wear new baju every day of the CNY. I guess the joy is more in seeing them adorn with nice new clothes - not so much of ourselves with new clothes, hor?